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MorrowindI’ve been playing through Morrowind while I figure out just what I want to do online gaming wise. I usually play online games with people I know rather than jumping into some game completely blind. Which has made me a bit hesitant because I don’t know anyone playing any games I want to play right now.

I had never played Morrowind and thought this was a good opportunity before I dive into Mass Effect 2. It’s an older game, and I’m not expecting the refinement of Oblivion or Fallout 3, but there are always small problems with playing older games.

The first thing I noticed when I started playing was, holy shit I move slowly. It was like crawling around on my belly. I know in Bethesda games that’s typically how it is, but, damn. I actually couldn’t stand playing for long periods of time just because I was so slow moving. It took me a while to level up but as soon as I did I poured points into my speed. I think in later games Bethesda got you moving faster much more quickly.

The quests are typical Bethesda, well put together, tons of lore and backstory. Very similar overall to their other quests. You can really see the roots of some of the things they wanted to do with their later games.

One problem though is the absolute giant amount of dialogue options. I typically get lost trying to talk to everyone and keep track of what they’re talking to me about. It gets kind of ridiculous. It’s almost discouragement from talking to people, even though that’s one of the main things you’re urged to do in Morrowind, even in the game tips on loading screens.

The journal is typically very useful but at the same time, it updates too often, I have 40 pages of journal notes but I’ve done maybe 10 quests. At least some of the lore and background information is hot linked in each entry to a little information on the subject.

One of your early quests is to go to a Dwarven ruin and collect some loot. I have this nasty habit of searching an entire dungeon before leaving it. It takes a lot of time. Unfortunately for me, I’m in this place, I’m way at the bottom of it, I find the furthest reaches of the place, and for some reason can’t fathom why I can’t find this puzzle box. I figure there must be some trick door or underwater cave I need to look for, start scanning the edges of the room, and of course get stuck. I get “haven’t saved lately” stuck. The worst kind of stuck. Not only do I have to go back through this place I still have to find the damn loot.

I go back through everything I’ve done, get back to the same spot and can’t find anything. Then after going back through everything again, I figure out there’s one door I haven’t checked, and it’s off the first effing room. I don’t know whether to celebrate that Bethesda has unorthodox quests that keep you guessing, or complain that they don’t follow typical conventions when it comes to hiding your loot. You hide the treasure away from the entrance people! I guess I’ve made my decision.

Anyway, I always judge a game on the amount of fun I’m having, and not the graphics, age, or other shallow aspects of a game. I’ve known a lot of people who would frown on the graphics of a game just because it’s old, or complain about the gameplay when it has become a bit old fashioned. Screw those people. As long as you’re having fun, what’s the difference. I can play a rogue-like game, Legend of the Red Dragon, or Subspace and still have fun. Just like I’m having fun in Morrowind.


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