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March 5, 2010 at 10:33 pm | Posted in Concept Art, Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 2 Comments
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Orrian Centaurwasp hivessilhouettesIn my ongoing attempt to rob the Guild Wars 2 Guru Forums of their content, here’s a couple new images that have recently been confirmed as concept art for GW2.

An undead centaur looks pretty cool I guess. I just wish Arenanet would get away from the same monster types over and over again. How many centaurs did I have to kill in Prophecies and Nightfall?

Wasp Hives may suggest a new monster though. Giant carnivorous wasps!!! (from outer space)

Last one is called Silhouettes. I wonder why.



  1. I agree with your comment on how they need to step away from the redundant enemy creatures, because I for one got pretty fed up with fighting the centuars over and over and over again >.<

  2. I don’t mind a little repetition but new chapters should have meant new monsters, new animations etc. not just new skins.

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