Wild Speculation on the Hall of Monuments

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MonumentFor years now Arenanet has been saying that you can pass all the work you put into Guild Wars onto Guild Wars 2. The Hall of Monuments lets you save your mini-pets, titles and accomplishments, armour, weapons, and heroes. How those will be passed on though, remains a complete mystery. Time to randomly guess and make a fool of myself.

Guild Wars 2 will have a companion system. We don’t know how that will work other than to say it’s replacing the old system of heroes and henchmen. So if heroes are being replaced, why did I enshrine 25 of them in my Hall of Monuments? What possible gain will I recieve? Any possible benefit must have a connection to the companion.

Since placing heroes inside the HoM requires you to gain special pieces of armour remnants, perhaps the benefit is strictly cosmetic. Guild Wars at times can be all about the armour. Choice in which armour my companion can wear could be it. This would make sense as Arenanet has always been about not providing unfair advantages. I don’t think anything they provide through the HoM will over power anyone in GW2. Other possibilities include more diversity in the look of my companion aside from armour, unique choices in face, hair, race. Or how about profession of my companion based on which professions I’ve put in my HoM. If they’re being more creative than that, it’s impossible to predict.

The mini-pets I imagine will have a pretty straight forward carry over. The pets you put in the HoM will be available for display in GW2. Although I’m guessing you won’t be given the option of selling them to get an early boon of gold. You’ll either be given customized mini’s to clutter up your storage (yay micro-transactions) or the option of scrolling through a list of your mini’s to decide which one you want following you around.

The armour and weapons shrines are fairly predictable as well. You’ll be able to craft and use those skins for use any time you want. I don’t think you’ll have the option of just picking up the actual set of armour or the weapon right away, you’ll be forced into getting your armour just like anyone else, but you’ll have the option of those unique skins.

The titles are what really mystifies me. There is quite a range of titles dedicated to a host of different play styles and achievements. The guardian titles, gained by completing every mission with bonus’, doesn’t logically translate into a physical or even cosmetic benefit. My best guess is that most titles translate to some form of discount. The treasure hunter title could translate to cheaper keys, the wisdom title could translate to cheaper identification kits, perhaps the skill hunter could be cheaper skill signets. Any faction title could translate to a discount on whatever can be bought with that faction. If not a discount, what about more faction? One or another of the pvp titles could translate to more balthazar faction per kill, if even a tiny amount. Too advantageous?

If that line of thought is wrong, what else could they try? Player housing perhaps? Could titles correspond to decorative statues or furniture that you could use in your house? Not that there is player housing or any hint of it. It would be interesting, very interesting if some titles actually improved your UI somehow or unlocked some form of skinned interface. Perhaps they’re going to go the route of WoW’s armoury or Vanguard’s player pages, with titles contributing to some vain bragging right there.

Perhaps some titles correspond to a skill of some type. Lightbringer or Spearmarshall could translate to a weak skill, similar to the racial skills. If not skills, how about tiny permanent buffs. A 5% movement buff for the cartographer title? 5% would be hardly noticeable (at least in PvE) but an o.k. reward for gaining the title.

Going back to heroes for a moment, perhaps each hero could represent some buff or skill you could scroll through and pick from, Goren’s Strength, or Jin’s Aim. Even more unlikely would be runes customized to your character or companion that could add +1 energy or +10 health, based on each hero.

One giant disappointment, the possibility I fear the most, would be that all of these titles are passed on as titles. I gain the Grand Master Cartographer title in GW1, and lucky me I get to wear that title in GW2. Wow. Sweet.

Don’t you just love wild speculation? I know there’s virtually no chance any of these ideas are in the game, but it did get my imagination working try to figure just what the hell they’re going to do with everything you can put into the hall. A lot of people have put a lot of work into those achievements and if people aren’t satisfied with the rewards they are going to have an uproar from the very moment the game is released. That’s a lot of pressure. Good luck with that.


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