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Hall of MonumentsAs I’m not really playing any online games right now, I’ve been considering my options. I’ve been playing Morrowind since I finished up each origin story in Dragon Age. I guess I got an itch to play some Elder Scrolls after I read Infernal City, and I’d never played Morrowind. Anyway one of my options is to go back to Guild Wars where I still know people and have a few things to finish off before Guild Wars 2 comes out.

I haven’t played GW in I don’t know, a year and a half? Longer. I’ve taken various breaks from the game and it’s easy to come back to. Not much has changed though because so little content has been added since Arenanet started working on GW2. They’ve added the Zaishen Quests, a high level boss encounter, a crap ton of skill changes, but not much to bring anyone back other than to prepare for GW2 or nostalgia.

For those that don’t know, the Hall of Monuments provides a way to pass on the time you spent in GW1 onto GW2. What those ways are is a whole other question. All we know is that if you max a title, dedicate a mini-pet, submit a set of elite armour, a hero with a special set of armour, or 2 different kinds of weapons at your Hall of Monuments, there will be some benefit if you link your GW1 account to your GW2 account.

Monument of Honor

I have quite a bit of time logged in GW, but titles were never a priority for me. However I did manage to max out 21 titles. It’s a lot faster to point out the ones I’d actually commit to finishing, in fact. I have both my Delver and Agent titles at about 40k faction away from being finished. My Master of the North title is 20 points away. Just one Hard Mode Shards of Orr or Slaver’s Exile (two of the toughest in the game) would do it. Ugh. I am also one HM mission away from 2 titles. I never finished up my Guardian of Elona because, well, Gates of Madness is too difficult to finish alone. That title combines with my Guardian of Cantha and Guardian of Tyria to give Legendary Guardian. There are also monuments you can add to this display that aren’t titles, like 100% completion of Sorrows Furnace or other dungeons, in total I’ve got around 28 monuments in this part of the Hall.

I think you can see how tantalizingly close I am to finishing those titles to make coming back, even for a week or two, a sound option.

Monument of Resilience

Then there’s the armour, I only have a few sets and fortunately around 800k in the bank, not to mention loads of materials, stuff to sell, everything I would need to make more sets. I’ve got the (ranger) Canthan, (elementalist) Asuran, (warrior) Kurzick, and (elementalist) Obsidian, but never really got around to getting all the sets I could. My plan was simply to get one set per character. At some point Arenanet decided to make each set universal, so if you get an armour set on your Ranger, you can see it in your Elementalist’s Hall. I just noticed that.

Monument of Devotion

I’ve definitely collected more mini-pets than I’ve added to my Hall. Here’s a long list of the ones I have though. You know what? Just skip to the next paragraph, you don’t need to see this. Kveldulf, Cloudtouched Simian, Celestial Ox, Pig, Celestial Rat, Certaradon, Black Moa Chick, Destroyer of Flesh, Fire Imp, Wind Rider, Kirin, Jade Armour, Necrid Horseman, Fungal Wallow, and about a dozen others I’ve yet to dedicate. The rarest of which is probably the Lich or my Bone Dragon.

Monument of Fellowship

I went through the trouble and got each and every one of my heroes their elite armour. That adds up to about 25. That’s how many AI henchmen you get to pick from in GW folks, they did not go overboard with that at all. That doesn’t even include your pet which you can add, and the later addition of M.O.X.

Monument of Valor

Which leaves me with weapons. I only have 1. The Destroyer Staff. Any Destroyer or Tormented weapon can be added (there are 22 total) but you only have room for 11. I have enough materials to get 2 Destroyer weapons off the bat, if I wanted, and enough gems for an armbrace to get a Tormented weapon, if I could get to the crafter, which is difficult.

I guess I left things just short of completion in a number of different areas. It’s just a question of being motivated enough to cycle through all these things and get them done, and according to Arenanet, I’ve got at least a year to wait. No hurry.



  1. Isn’t it possible to put both 11 tormented weapons and 11 destroyer weapons in valor, but then only having the possibility to display either all tormented weapons or all destroyer weapons?

    • you know what you’re right, not sure what i was thinking at the time. probably got a little mixed up.

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