Quick Addendum to Cash Shop Comparison

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Ostrich MountA couple of things I forgot to mention about that whole Allods cash shop thing is the mounts.

Apparently gpotato has the balls to sell a mount that only gives you a 15% speed increase unless you purchase food from the cash shop. I haven’t been able to find a source with a cash amount, but I have heard the price described as “ridiculous”.

Now the infamous quote on other blogs, is that the Runes of Magic mount costs 10 dollars. Partially true. You would have to spend at least 10 dollars to get enough diamonds for a mount. If you weren’t getting your diamonds in other ways. The cheapest mount costs 199 diamonds, and you buy 200 diamonds (ooooh thanks for that extra diamond RoM!) for 10 dollars. This mount will get you a 60% speed increase. A bit better than 15%.

Runes of Magic also offers speed potions that allow your mount to go 10% faster, and on the faster (more expensive) mounts you could be going as much as 75% faster. The Lesser Speed Mount potion goes for 29 diamonds or roughly $1.50.

Don’t forget that extra 2% boost you get from your Guild Castle building “The Stable” for 500g. Well worth it. Build that stable. It is not a giant waste of time.

I suppose this post would be a lot better if I knew exactly how much the Allods mount and food cost, but I guess my point is, at least if you’re spending $10 on a mount in RoM, it’s a permanent measurable speed increase.


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