Allods vs Runes of Magic: The Cash Shops

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allods healerThe giant hooplah surrounding the Allods cash shop is very interesting to me. I’ve played Runes of Magic for months and various parts of the two games seem to be very similar. They’re both close copies of World of Warcraft, they’re both free to play, and now they both require heavy cash shop investments to play the end game, and have over priced costs for basic items.

Many of the most controversial changes have been pointed out on other blogs. Keen pointed out

Being resurrected by other players now gives you Fear of Death (the death debuff). In Heroic instances, which you can not leave, this essentially means you must have perfume to remove the debuff. Clearly promises are broken here. Given that the NA version must pay $13.50 for a stack of 20 perfume, the math was done and we’re looking at over $50 / month in order to participate in end-game PvE. Top it all off? Fear of Death now lasts 2 hours at level 40.

This seems pretty similar to the penalties and cash shop items you’re forced to buy to participate in end game RoM. If you die, your armour loses durability. Since all your power comes from your armour, and you get a 20% boost for high dura armour, this means you have to repair. You can buy hammers to repair, but 10 will cost you over 10 bucks. Since the res shrines are so far away from the dungeons, you have to buy transport runes, unless you want your guildies waiting 10 minutes for you to return. Since the experience/talent debt is so high, you have to buy various death penalty eliminating cash shop items. These can cost from just under 10 bucks for 10, to just over. Otherwise you are much more rarely leveling your skills.

In my eyes those are very similar tactics to get you to spend money. Making it so incredibly inconvenient that if you don’t, you are certainly having less fun.

Another sweet addition to the new Allods cash shop is the option to pay for more space in your backpack. $20 gets you 6 slots. Taking your enormous backpack from 18 slots to 24. This is one of the most touted ripoffs.

RoM certainly plays off limited bag space as well, although I think they’re a bit better about it. Often early in the game they fill your backpack to the brim, 50 slots seems like plenty but you are full before long. Every quest has some form of item. Fortunately in RoM you’re also given bank space and even a free cash shop chest to put in your house. That space isn’t nearly enough if you actually like to keep or hang on to anything, and RoM knows it. Towards end game this becomes much easier to deal with though. Anyway 30 slots in your backpack will cost you 4 bucks for 6 months. 40 slots at the bank for 6 months will cost you the same amount, and 12 permanent slots in your house are also around 4 bucks. Runes of Magic is definitely a lot more liberal in their storage capacities.

I’m not familiar enough with Allods to know just how important some of their other cash shop items are really, but I do know both these games have ridiculously priced items. Allods has the level 10 rune for $6,890. I don’t know what that rune does, but what the fuck? Runes of Magic has wings available for 5000 rubies. That’s $330 bucks.

Being unfamiliar with Allods beyond that, that’s all I can offer via comparison. There’s a lot more I could offer about Runes of Magic costs, but that’s a whole other post. There are also ways to offset these costs in Runes of Magic, although I don’t know if that’s possible in Allods. I know that both games apply pressure to use the cash shop in different ways, and some ways are fairer than others. What I don’t get though is the extent to which these companies take it. Surely common sense comes in here somewhere. I’m sure 50 bucks a month doesn’t seem so bad to some people, but the vast majority of people willing to plunk down a couple of bucks are just going to be turned way off by this.



  1. I agree here. I think many pickup F2P mmo’s quite frankly to avoid the monthly fees on the P2P mmo’s.

    $50 month is back breaking. Rather pay $15 for World of Warcraft.

    • yeah I don’t know how they think they can get away with it. it just doesn’t make any sense, why wouldn’t someone just play a much better game for less money?

  2. Fix about the wings: They are either way 110 rubies or around 5000 Phirius Tokens, which is no way 330 bucks 😛

    Allods kinda ruined the fun for me with the must-have cash shop items in one of their patch.

    Other than that I pretty much agree.

    • the post was written 9 months ago or so, and at the time i believe the wings i was referring to went for 5000 rubies. at least on american servers.

      but thanks for the comment.

      • i have played runes of magic for over a year & wings have always been 118 rubies so you are chatting crap, only noobs put loads of money into the game cuz they just buy useless stuff, my end game gear cost me about 2000 dias to make which on weekends costs less giving me a total cost of 40 euros, that gear is still on my char to this day. so a year worth of playin RoM cost me 40 euros in over which is not bad.

        dont bother with this artical cuz the writer has clearly made up stuff to try prove his point… low & shows very poor bloging skills, prob some wow fanboy tbh, dont know why they hate on every f2p mmorpg there is

        • once again, i will stipulate that on the european servers they do cost 118 rubies, but on the american servers where i played, they originally were much much more expensive and caused quite a controversy.

          IMO don’t bother with this idiots opinion since he can’t be bothered to read or do research or know WTF he’s talking about.

          • Actually, for 5 months i’ve been playing, i have two characters lvl 62’s priest/scout and a rouge/scout.. my priest has end game gears, probably most i spent during the WAIT for the double dias cost me about $40 bucks for about 2.5k diamonds. thats how much I”VE spent in 5 months in this game. Other than that.. you can farm cyclops/ks and make over 200-300k a run. you can use ur gold to buy diamonds/rubies or do your dailys everyday and use it to buy item shop gears. ROM is 10x cheaper than wow, the PVP open server is 10x better, and the fact that you dont HAVE to actually spend real cash to play the game is 10x better than wow, and this is in the U.S. Server.. I know some people with end game items that didnt use ANY cash at all. all they did at lvl 40 was farm lvl 30 instances, then at 50, farm lvl 40 instances, then at 55-62 farm lvl 50-55 instances for gold. use their gold to buy diamonds/rubies. so therefor, this ARTICLE is TOTALLY WRONG. you are NOT forced to BUY DIAMONDS, YOU are just lazy to farm gold.

            • Also, the wings in the U.S. Server cost 119 rubies. rubies cost about 5-8k per gold or 15-20k gold to buy per diamonds.. YOu can be spending 20-40$ and stack up in diamonds and not spend them at all or spend them at once and farm gold n never buy diamonds every again when double diamonds comes up 🙂

  3. I think that Allods is more balanced in terms of cash shops. In RoM, you spend and year playing it to get stuff while you can buy all the stuff you just made in about $ 15-25 ! But it is more enjoyable to earn things and not pay for it. So I prefer RoM more & the PVP in ROM sucks !
    Well, It’s just my opinion (No offense).

    • your opinion is fair enough. and i agree with parts of it, i never really played pvp in rom but heard all about it from friends who played it. I don’t think you can really disagree that allods pvp is better than rom.

      keep in mind this post is over a year old now, it may be a bit outdated.

  4. I wish I knew the current state of both games, since this post is old…

    • Rom is still active, there are many new players and many more coming since the chapter 4 release is coming up soon. also Rom is better in PVP overall than WoW. you can get from 1-50-55 w/out spending any diamonds/gold bside repairs. and when double diamonds comes up, you can spend $5-10-20-40 bucks and get 1k-5k diamonds and you can either max out all your gears, trade them for gold and buy maxed out gears already, or if you have end game gears, you can buy the items require to max out your gears 🙂

  5. This whole blog is a whole lot of bull$hit, you should definitely reach end game before you talk, and figure out the market economy and how it works before you talk about rom, now on Allod, i never played it so i wouldnt know… but yeah, you need to brush up on your review skills before you say some stuff that you have NO IDEA about. because in my opinion, you have NO idea how ROM is.

    • You should definitely have the bravery to use a real name instead of just being some anonymous jerk commenter.

      I did play the end game in RoM and was in a guild that took down every new boss first before everyone else on the server.

      This blog was posted over a year ago and although accurate at the time, probably doesn’t reflect the game now. Get a clue.

      Saying you don’t have to spend money was ridiculous at the time. Hours could be spent farming gold, and still you would need money to be an end game player.

      Maybe that’s different now, but coming here and being an arrogant jerk on a 14 month old post doesn’t make you right. Please do not come back to my blog, as I will delete your comments.

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