Ghosts of Ascalon

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ghost** EDIT ** **UPDATE** In my ongoing quest to inform people of the most minor and pointless changes in the status of this book, I announce the title has been changed.

Formerly the book was known on various book sellers websites as Guild Wars: Fall of Ascalon, but has since been changed to Guild Wars: Ghosts of Ascalon. A more fitting name as the lore shows that the Fall of Ascalon happens over 250 years ago during the life of King Adelbern. It also more closely reflects the current state of Ascalon, populated by the ghosts of Ascalon’s defenders.

I also happened upon a comment on Matt Forbeck’s site confirming the book has been pushed back.

Finally I noticed that while the release date hasn’t moved, since the last time it changed, on various sites, the author has. Matt Forbeck is still listed but Jeff Grubb, employee of Arenanet and writer, has been added as co-author. I’m not sure what that means exactly. Best not to speculate.



  1. Thanks for keeping me informed; your more useful than Anet or the GW staff.

    • yeah i’m really surprised at the lack of marketing for the book.

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