Taris and Tatooine

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tatooineI’ve been watching the unrolling of planets in Star Wars: The Old Republic and I don’t think any planets have garnered as much controversy, out of the 10 released, as these two. Tatooine made appearances in four Star Wars movies, and Taris was one of the most memorable locations in Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic.

Some people aren’t happy about that. Tatooine came out and some people were disappointed. For some reason I can’t find any of the (seriously, i spent a lot of time looking) complaints to link to, but I remember them. “What a boring choice!” they’d say. “Where’s the originality?” they’d complain. Mostly these complaints came from random blogs who have nothing better to do but whine (just like mine!) but I still found their complaints short sighted.

Would you rather be playing a game on Tatooine, or some random anonymous desert planet that resembles Tatooine in every way except it has a different name and completely unmemorable races and species? Forgetting for a moment all the people who want to see Tatooine, the fans of the Star Wars franchise who practically expect to see all the locations they’re familiar with because Tatooine has appeared in four or so movies, just what other canon planet would people like to see?

I have faith in Bioware enough that they can weave a good story behind a location I’m already familiar with to make it interesting. In fact, being familiar with Tatooine means Bioware doesn’t really have to go through the whole boring exposition of being introduced to a completely new planet.

Which is why I was surprised when Taris was announced, and I heard some of the same complaints. Taris has been in one video game as far as I can remember. It’s not exactly over used.

I can’t wait to go to Tatooine, it’s an iconic location. I can think of no other desert planet on the outer rim I’d rather go to. Questing in familiar locations with new content, experiencing lore and history that will probably reference back to Knights of the Old Republic will be fun. The post-apocalyptic approach to Taris, judging by the screen shots, looks pretty good. Plenty of lore to build on too, Rhak-ghouls and what not.

People seem to want to play a Star Wars game with none of that nonsense Star Wars stuff in it. Good luck with that.



  1. I couldn’t understand the complaining myself. What people forget is that Bioware’s trying to cater to all fans of Star Wars, not just the hardcore ones. They’re also trying to reach the non-MMO gamer market…as in those who are fans of the movies, or fans of the single player RPG KOTOR.

    Those planets are smart choices, really. Tattooine is in featured in 5 out of the 6 movies, not to mention a whole smack of SW games, books, comics etc. and will be instantly recognizable to any SW fan. Taris is there for the Bioware fans who loved KOTOR. Speaking of which, many of us are anticipating that we’ll find references to our experiences in KOTOR in the new post-sith attack Taris in SWTOR.

  2. appealing to those who already liked kotor is a good point, and in the end I think there’d be far, far more people complaining that those planets weren’t included if they left them out.

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