End of Age

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dragon ageDragon Age: Origins came to an end all to quickly. I kept traveling back and forth stocking up on elfroot or lyrium dust from various merchants, and while I was in the area I kept finishing up loose ends. Soon enough I was out of loose ends and had no choice but to go to the landsmeet.

I had already completed most of the work to convince the Lords of Ferelden, so it was just a matter of convincing Alistair to want to be king. Wasn’t going to happen. Mother fucker hates my guts, I had an approval rating of +7. He was very unforgiving. So what if I killed a few people. Touchy.

After many attempts to convince him to try to become king, or instead marry Anora, it was seriously not working out. I went back and tried every possible dialogue option, but without favor I couldn’t manage it. Fine, screw Alistair, I went ahead without his blessing anyway. That didn’t work out either because I had left Anora saying I wouldn’t support her, and even though I had the majority of Arls in my pocket, apparently a simple majority didn’t work. Which left me with a big fight on my hands.

I don’t really appreciate Bioware’s usual “throw melee fighters at him!” approach, so I went back again, told Anora I’d support her, then double crossed the wench and Alistair was king. The whole ordeal is the most convoluted dialogue maze in the game, I kept thinking I was going to forget something or I was missing something.

Where that was near impossible to achieve the result I wanted, what came next was pretty boring actually. We head off to Redcliffe where we assume the horde to be headed, arrive in town and the village is under attack. Instead of heading for the castle I head for the village, and encounter new monsters. Hurlock Grunts and Genlock Grunts. At first I thought, “cool, slightly harder enemies, that makes sense, end of game and all”.

Not so. Run up to first mob, one skill, dead. Second mob, one skill, dead. What’s going on here? I cleared out the village with relative ease, only to find that the real offensive is in Denerim. I came to Redcliffe for a pointless battle, only to turn around for Denerim, where I just came from? Anybody but me have a problem with this?

Whatever, I’ve just wasted a giant amount of time in a pointless battle, and was completely oblivious to a massive army marching on the place I just came from, but ok, such is life.

I return to Denerim and charge in, all my companions at my side, not under my control but kicking ass. I can only imagine how cool it would be to be able to control all of them at once. Unstoppable. Restricting party size to 4 certainly makes the game challenging but an amazing bonus would be to at some point play all the henchmen at once. It would have been amazing as it was, if I hadn’t been up against genlock grunts, and hurlock grunts. They went down like cheerleaders on prom night.

I kept hoping it would get harder. I was on normal difficulty sure, but I don’t understand why I was having less difficulty with the grunts than regular darkspawn. I made my way through the streets, taking out the generals with ease, relying on line of site to lure in Ogres or other mobs one at a time, but even then I doubt I would have had much trouble. Eventually I got to the Fort for the final battle.

I walk out on the roof and I still have all of my armies ready to call in. I’m stacked with potions, 2 cones of cold, Alistair, and me, a rogue. I start wailing on the archdemon. He’s hitting pretty hard, but Alistair’s got the Juggernaut armour, Wynn and Morrigan are trading off CoC, and well, I’m getting clobbered. His health is going down very slowly, and at first I’m pretty worried about having to do this multiple times to get it right.

I’m not hitting it very hard, but slowly his health is going down, and Arl Eamon shows up. I don’t even know where he came from, and didn’t notice him at first. Not until I see my group of four on their feet and someone is getting chewed apart in the archdemon’s mouth. His arrival reminds me that I’ve got armies to throw at this thing though, so I call up one and pretty quickly the dragon is flying off to the area you can’t get to. Which leaves me in a quandry, I have no idea what to do. After wandering around and fighting the rapidly multiplying darkspawn I finally notice the ballista. Oh. You think maybe I can use the big glowing contraption?

After his health lowers enough to get him to move back, I start to run back to the NPC army which is just standing around. Turns out the Archedemon is kind of smart. He lands in the way and immediately starts wailing on Alistair, while darkspawn from the spawn point start shooting at us. Great.

Cut off from the NPC army, and unable to call another one unless they’re all dead, I decide to concentrate on fighting, as running away at this point might get one of my group killed.

He’s still hitting really hard, but his health is slowly going down. It might go faster if the NPC’s would stop scratching their asses and get the hell over here but I guess that’s asking for miracles.

Long story short, I’m still concentrating on hitting skills when I realize he’s dead and something else is going on, I paused but Alistair was already half way through the killing blow animation.

Seriously, Alistair hates me.

Overall I was pretty surprised at how easy it was. Dead Archdemon on first try? Incredible push over grunts?

At least they didn’t just shove a ton of melee at me.


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