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grothmarTraveling through the zone, Grothmar Wardowns in Guild Wars: Eye of the North, there is a giant unnatural ridge line. Looking more closely at it from various viewpoints, you can guess that it’s actually the spine of a giant dragon. It’s back stretches nearly the length of the zone, it’s boney spinal column sticking straight up, with it’s head out of sight. Slumbering I suppose. The scale of the thing is large, probably the biggest clue as to what size dragons will be in Guild Wars 2. When the expansion was released, everyone named it Grothmar, for the zone it was in, just as they named the dragon frozen in Drakkar Lake, Drakkar.

As information slowly releases, revisions to fan history are slowly being made. Drakkar isn’t Drakkar, he’s Jormag. Grothmar isn’t Grothmar, he’s Kralkatorrik. These names have been known for a while, but I was reminded of how fans get their hopes up so high they start planning out what’s going to happen before game designers say anything about it.

TenTonHammer has an interview up about GW2 lore that mentions Kralkatorrik in passing. I was still guessing he was going to be named Grothmar, so when I referred to Guild Wars 2 Wiki, I was mildly surprised? Disappointed? I actually kind of liked that name. I can only imagine Kralkatorrik is partially named after Krakatoa.

The interview itself goes over some old material, Dragons are bad, they’re forces of nature, look out everbody, they crazy!

The interview is not big on new information. In fact the majority of what’s said gives just a vague sense of things we haven’t heard before. Impressions of races and environments, but nothing solid to go on.

They hint that each expansion for the game will center around dragons, but don’t commit to it. They deepen some of the ideas about races, gods, attitudes, politics, we already have, but don’t really elaborate beyond spare details. For instance.

The charr/human treaty is still a new and fragile thing, and peace talks are still ongoing within sight of the walls of Ebonhawke. The norn don’t consider themselves as vanquished by Jormag, the Elder Ice Dragon; they think of their situation as a temporary retreat. The asura, as they always do, have their own agenda—they regard the other races as merely pieces of the puzzle. Yes, the other races know this about the asura, and they hold a strong distrust regarding them and their schemes. The sylvari are looking for their own place in the world. Of all the races, they are the ones who are directed against the dragon minions. The other races don’t know what to make of the sylvari, and the sylvari use that to their advantage.

The only real information we get is about the underwater areas, and yet another character building choice beyond race.

You’re expected to choose at some point amongst 3 options. Durmond Priory, a monastery that is dedicated to history. The Order of Whispers, an organization originally dedicated to fighting Palawa Joko but now seeks to destroy the dragons. Finally, the Vigil, which nothing is known about quite yet.

I’m thinking there’s either been a mistake or revision in these 3 options. During the flood of Lion’s Arch, according to lore, the Order of Whispers saved LA’s historical documents etc, and moved them to Durmand Priory which they maintain. Why would you be forced to choose between OoW or DP? Hard to say without more information.

The tidbits on underwater areas offer little of value. Underwater Asuran Labs, frozen lakes of the Shiverpeaks, and the wreck haunted straights off the cost of Orr. The names themselves are telling. Asurans are experimenting underwater? Cool. Swimming underwater with several meters of ice above your head in water so cold it could kill a man in 30 seconds? Cooler. Exploring undersea ship wrecks avoiding sharks and looking for PIRATE GOLD!? Pretty good I guess.

Fans may get their hopes up about what’s going to be in the game and what’s not. All I know is the game, and the dragons, are going to be big and bad ass.


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