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whitefurWith the announcement of chapter 3, Runes of Magic released a lot of different information. In my last post on the subject I concentrated on the new features, but they released some other information as well.

They announced several new areas to explore. Thunderhoof HIlls is targeted to level 55 to 57 and The Marshes of Angren are targeted to level 57 to 58. The Kingdom of Dalanis, which the lore of this “expansion” seems to be centered around, is located in Thunderhoof Hills. Other locations and possible names for instances are The Forest of Milanos, The Princedom of Avano, The Waterfall of the Falling Sun, The Kingdom of Ayren, and The Grave of the King and his Six Princes.

At least one of these names must be an instance. I’d wager it’s Grave of the King. Possibly the cited “Dungeon of Dalanis” on their preview page.

Now judging just from the name Thunderhoof Hills, and the name Kingdom of Ayren, coupled with the screen shots of the Whitefurs (goat like warrior people with a cobbled together storyline in current Sacillia Steppes) I’d say that Thunderhoof has a lot to do with the Whitefurs. Ayren camp is of course the name of the main town in Sacillia Steppes, how that relates to Kingdom of Ayren is unclear.

Although the new continent is named, Zandorya, and supposedly it is across the sea to the north, a lot of clues point to the new areas being close by to SS. The Egyptian theme found in Pasper’s Shrine, and the Blackfur (enemies of the Whitefur) seem to have some presence in screen shots. At least the theme of the Pasper mobs do.

Some of the new enemies appear to be Rhino like creatures, or at least a boss anyway. The only other Rhino like creatures are in SS. Other new enemies may be Centaurs, which RoM has been hinting at for some time.

One final thing I can easily deduce from the information released is that, as I expected, not all of their content will release at the same time. When listing the new explorable areas, they don’t have any information on the Marshes, or even a name for the third area. It reminds me strongly of just before chapter 2 was released in a very staggered approach.


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