Runes of Magic Chapter 3

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White furI haven’t been playing Runes of Magic at all. I got pretty bored with the poor attitudes of those in my guild who I might call elitists. I guess that’s the kind of problem you run into when you’re in a high end guild. In any case I had other games I wanted to play, so it seemed like a good time to take a break.

Most of the content was getting old anyway. Even though most of the server still can’t quite kill Medusa on a regular basis, my guild was so bored with it we only died due to inattention. People became so comfortable with it that during 4-man parties, they’d stop paying attention, go to get a drink, while the rest of us were fighting, and that’s when we’d wipe.

The only content I hadn’t participated in were the Water Dragon/Demon Dragon instances, Zurhidon District, and late Hall of Survivor Boss fights. The dragon instances I had no interest in, crafting those pieces of armour is a pretty big waste of time. Z-District is a pretty difficult instance, requiring Hall of Survivors level gear. The Demon Stronghold released after I stopped playing.

Yesterday Runes of Magic announced their next content patch. It sounds pretty extensive, but I’m not getting my hopes up. The last time RoM had a big content patch, it was parsed out over several months. Their announcement that it’s going to be released in May, is in my opinion, horse shit. Massively seems to be the only one mentioning that date though.

I’ll admit the list of new features seems extensive, but it just plain will not all come out at the same time.

They say the level cap will be raised to 60. I highly doubt this will happen in one patch. As with Weeping Coast, the cap will probably be raised to level 57, with about 75% of the quests you need to reach the cap. Whether that happens with one zone or two is hard to say.

They claim to have hundreds of new quests. I have no doubt this is true. It is really easy to include several dozen kill ten rats quests, fedex quests, talking quests, etc. This won’t be hard for them to come through on.

Do new skills count as an expanded skill system? I’m thinking it’s just new skills, no reason to dress it up as an expanded skill system. “Enjoy the expanded skill system, allowing for more specialized characters and giving you more tactical options to master even the hardest fights.” It does make me curious as to whether I’m under-estimating them though.

Three impressive new cities. RoM has some large cities, but, I doubt how impressive these will be. “Explore three new huge cities in all their glory, and equip yourself for all the tasks at hand.” If they’re as impressive as Damarka or Green Tower, color me unimpressed.

A new Battlefield. Considering as of the start of my hiatus that battle fields hadn’t reliably been working for four months, I will have to not care about this.

A new dungeon. Well, this is OK, but virtually any dungeon in RoM is unplayable when it’s first released. This has been a tradition since the relase of Ravenfell’s Treasure Trove instance some 10 months ago. Virtually every instance since then is completely unplayable at first, requiring much gearing up, expenditure of money, etc.

PvP ranking system. The PvP servers are very unpopulated with many PvPers vocally calling for a server merger. I’ve even seen small migrations of PvPers to PvE servers because they got bored. The instanced Battlefields are popular but again, they don’t work, or didn’t anyway. How helpful is a PvP ranking system in this situation? Not.

Battlefield Reward System. See above.

Introduction of Instance Difficulty Levels. A really good improvement, *if* the rewards become worth it. I doubt they will be.

Three new mini-games. I know a lot of people who love the mini-games, I can’t criticize them.

Marriage System. I honestly have no use for this, but, yeah. To each his own.

2 person mounts. Sounds kind of cool. Great for people playing together.

Building Upgrades for Guild Castles. Guild Castle buildings are a giant grind. The amount of money, materials, and guild runes you have to put in is insane. Better building would be good, as my guild has only a use for the Library, Guild Bulletin Board, and Vault. Depends on what the buildings are I guess.

New Guild Quests. My guild does do guild quests, however the best one is out of the way and takes some time. A new option for the guild would be great.

New Guild Drill Grounds. No. Just no.

New Runes. If they’re easier to get, and don’t cost a fortune to produce, I’m all for it. Runes can be an incredibly expensive but necessary part of gearing up, making new runes that require stacks and stacks of runes to produce just makes me kind of not want to use runes. Kind of silly considering the name of the game.

Card stats system. Cards are a pokemon like collecting activity for those who play RoM. They have no real benefit, so adding a stats system doesn’t seem particularly great. I need more details though.

Music Festival. I’m pretty sure there’s already a music festival. So I’m a little confused as to what is different about this music festival.

That’s all of their listed new features, I’ve got a bit more to say about the lore and screen shots, along with some of the other gleamed information I picked up, but I’ll do that tomorrow.


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