Guild Wars 2 + Lexx?

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Ellen DubinI am never going to be the type of blogger who breaks news. I should just get used to that. However, feel free to show up here for all of yesterday’s news!

Via I Love Guild Wars, and where the link has now been modified.

Ellen Dubin, a lesser known (ouch, sorry Ellen) Canadian actress, will be playing 3 roles in Guild Wars 2. This information was apparently leaked somehow, possibly through her publicist. She appeared in 6 episodes of Lexx, possibly her most well known roll(s). She was also in all 24 episodes of The Collector, a fairly terrible syndicated show about a man who collects souls for the devil. She also had a part in Napoleon Dynamite. Check me out, I’m doing all your IMDB homework for you.

And I thought Felicia Day would be the only one making fanboys soil their pants.

She’ll be playing:

Torrun is a Norn, low status character
Mighty Grika is an Asura, middle status character
Tyrana is a Charr, high status character


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