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elfAlthough the lore behind Dragon Age is pretty extensive and deep, I’ve mentioned before just how cliche it can be in some situations. The first origin story I tried out is a great example of this.

I picked the Dalish Elf origin story. To begin with, centuries ago the Elves in Dragon Age were enslaved. An interesting twist on elves as they are usually civilized and advanced. They rose up freeing themselves, but eventually became an outcast class. The Dalish Elves roam the forests staying away from humans, adhering to their ancient forest like ways, which is where we get cliche. They’re in tune with the earth and all that crap. Fantastic.

You start out in the forest, where you run across some “Shemlens” a slang term for humans. They’ve stumbled across an ancient ruin, that for some reason is right on top of your campsite but you’ve never come across it before. Sigh. So you go inside with your buddy and fight your typical ancient ruin monsters, skeletons, giant spiders, and discover a mysterious magic artifact. Personally I was shocked there was something inside. Yada yada yada your friend dies, you’re forced to join the Grey Wardens, you leave your clan behind forever.

You’d think there would be more originality to this than that. I can honestly say I’ve played 3 bioware games that start the exact same way. I like the Dalish Elves, I do. They travel in these caravan wagons and seem to set up RV style at campsites. They’ve got these pack animals, Halla, that are like deer. The slavery background and the way they’re discriminated against is interesting. Their lack of knowledge of their own history due to that enslavement is interesting. Unfortunately everything else is played out garbage.

That’s only one of the origins though. We’ll see about the rest.

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