Runes of Magic Server Downtime

February 4, 2010 at 10:49 pm | Posted in mmorpg, Runes of Magic | 2 Comments
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serverThere was a patch this morning, and apparently people went ape shit. One of the changes was a nerf to durability on caster weapons, apparently they go down now! I suppose they were always meant to.

What’s confusing is, this meant that later in the day they took the servers down, and they’ve been down in the middle of the day for several hours.

Sometimes Runes of Magic just seems like a big joke ran by amateurs.

The forums are so flooded with people trying to figure out why you’d take the servers down in the middle of the day that they’re offline in Europe, and the American forums have been closed except for one section where you can talk about the servers being down.

The patch itself looks interesting, if not substantial. The only real change with any meaning is the addition of the new instance, if anything else changes the game I haven’t really seen it because I’m mostly playing Dragon Age for the moment.

Which is convenient, no listening to guildies complain on vent for me. Kudos to RoM community managers for making sure there’s a forum open while the servers are shut down. I’m sure that will not backfire in their faces.



  1. Hi, just wanted to drop by and say that you have at least one reader. I found your blog yesterday, and I really enjoyed going through your posts about RoM. There aren’t many blogs out there that talk about RoM (unless you count the extreme fanboys, which I don’t care to follow).

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I guess one of the reasons I started the blog was because there wasn’t really anyone out there blogging about it.

    Hey if you could hook me up with some of those extreme fanboy blogs I’d appreciate it. I can’t really find anyone that continuously updates their RoM blog.

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