Mo Melee, Mo Problems

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dragon ageOne of the key things bothering me about Dragon Age, the only thing really, are the fights. Typically it will go something like this. I’m wandering around an ancient ruin, 8 giant spiders, or 8 skeletons spawn from nowhere. I don’t have enough healing or crowd control, so I die. I then have to restart, retreat back to some point where I can change my party around or buy/make pots and hope that it doesn’t go wrong again.

Not really fun.

Not that I think games should be easy, no. But I do think the challenge they represent should be more than “instead of 5 skeletons, lets make it 8 this time so it’s harder!” That’s really boring. Unimaginative.

There are very few non-melee enemies in Dragon Age. How hard would it be to throw some Mages in to make it hard? Everything in the game ends up being a big cluster fuck pile on. To make matters worse I’ve only got 2 casters to choose from, and one ranger among my henchmen. Everything else is warriors, rogues, etc.

Come to think of it, Runes of Magic had this exact problem. The vast majority of mobs were Knights. From mushrooms in the newbie area to Deadwood Hunters in the high levels. They don’t even have warriors or rogues as mobs. Funnily enough Knights are the worst dps class in Runes of Magic, which makes the majority of leveling in RoM pretty damn easy.

At least DA throws in some archers. Also there’s plenty to do if you’re bored of fighting, and I suppose the option to return later, when you’ve out leveled the problem.

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