Massively’s Flameseeker Chronicles

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massivelyLately I’ve read over at massively that they want to have more focused articles on specific games. Their coverage of news alone wasn’t satisfying or bringing in enough people maybe.

In any case they put up their first Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2 post with a crap ton of community links, perhaps lacking a few key sites but I really could not have done a better job. I mean I just didn’t know Arenanet has it’s own twitter.

I’ll also admit, although I am pretty much Anti-twitter, Anti-Facebook. I don’t like to see game companies use them as marketing tools, because that’s all they end up being, empty shells that are used to market their game. However each time I check out the GW2 twitter, I usually come across something new.

Anyway, kudos for massively for bringing a more personal approach to their coverage. It is sort of the point of blogging after all.


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