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Temple pitA few new things to talk about. We’ll start with security. Don’t use the same password for everything, or if you do, don’t use the same username. You know what? Just don’t use the same anything. Security sucks lately, and the push from hackers and RMT types trying to rip you off has increased in recent years because they realize it’s profitable and the risk is much less so than getting into someones bank account.

You don’t get prosecuted for stealing someone’s guild bank.

Which is why it deeply concerns me that someone has hacked Guild Wars Guru. I used this site plenty when I was playing the game, and have never fully sworn off Guild Wars.

All this coming such a short time after all the Aion and Guild Wars drama involving hacked accounts. Days after the NCSoft game survellance unit put out a publicized plea for everyone to protect themselves.

Getting away from the hacking story, Martin Kerstein, a community rep for Guild Wars 2 was reading a discussion about adding professions and races in the distant future of the game, and actually just up and asked Eric Flannum, Lead Designer, to comment. It’s a fairly interesting insight into their take on race and profession and what they’re looking for. All those concept profession threads now have some guidelines I guess.

Via Kill Ten Rats, Mondes Persistantes had an interview with the Guild Wars Live Team with little new information but a fairly candid introduction to the team. It’s translated over at Guild Wars Guru.

In my ongoing attempts to plunder the depths of this thread over at GW2 Guru, check out the recently confirmed GW2 artwork in the upper left.

Finally there’s a quick mention of Guild Wars 2 here, which I probably shouldn’t even post since it’s not worth going to and I don’t recommend you do. Honestly I don’t think World of Warcraft fans and Guild Wars fans have anything to do with one another.


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