The Long Goodbye

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Long GoodbyeSome of the fallout that came with Plato up and leaving the guild, because he couldn’t get his way, was that a whole lot of people left the guild. We kept about 2 people from their guild after all was said and done. Along with that sudden drop in numbers though, most of the old school decided we didn’t want anyone who couldn’t ‘keep up’ to be in the guild.

It sort of started with some of the under geared people wanting to go to the harder instances like Hall of Survivors. We’d been gearing up for months in Heart of the Ocean, and these guys wanted to skip that wholesale and join us in there and get gear. We’d be in HoS with 11 people, and not really needing a 12th but one or another under geared person would ask if they could come. Now we can 8 man parts of HoS, so numbers aren’t important, we didn’t need these folks and they pestered and pestered us to bring them.

We’d subtly hint that they need to do the work in Hoto, or Grumpy (our main tank) would straight up tell them they didn’t contribute anything to an HoS run. Again though, we had lost a lot of people, so there wasn’t often a Hoto group for them to get into when there were 10 or 11 people in HoS.

Is it ethical to not invite someone in that circumstance? Should we force people to do the same work we had to do, even though it’s no longer necessary? I don’t know.

If that wasn’t a problem, there were still a half dozen people from Plato’s group who hadn’t bothered to log in. Not to mention a few people on our own side we just didn’t want around any more. People who talked too much, or were kind of annoying. Maybe our guild is a little High School but they just didn’t fit in. I don’t know if it was mean or kind, but they were never kicked, only pointed in the right direction.

This has the effect of nobody taking the hint. We had conversations with them. We weren’t cruel we just explained that they might be happier elsewhere. What we got in return were long awkward speeches about how they could be valuable to the guild and how they were trying to keep up. We all sat there trying not to be mean spirited. We’re the top guild on the server and nobody leaves that without hesitation. Eventually they left but I can’t help but think if the leadership wanted them out they should have just kicked them. Less painfully awkward.

I personally didn’t think they should be kicked. As long as they weren’t in the way, what’s the harm, was my thinking. Eventually I had to admit, due to their exclusion, they would be better off in other guilds.

We’re smaller now, but just as awesome. We’re also more effecient, and gearing up faster. A lot faster. On the verge of killing off the 5th boss in HoS, activity is pretty good, and never has there been fewer annoying people in the guild. We’ve downsized but for the better.

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