Dream Mods of Runes of Magic

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Gears of warThe end game in Runes of Magic is all about one thing. Getting that clean mod on that clean high durability armour piece. As such, I as a dedicated player run instances over and over again in search of these mods and armour pieces. I thought I’d go over what exactly I’m looking for right now in mods as a rogue. I’m also going to stick to basics, since some of the better mods I simply have no access too. Anything from Hall of Survivors or Origin is a bit more rare for me to get.

For one, I want a Fright VII. It only drops off Sharleedah and Medusa right now. Sharleedah is bugged, and runs to Medusa are time consuming. So of course it’s quite rare. It provides 41 stamina and 41 dexterity on the same mod. Can’t go wrong.

As a rogue I always want to keep my physical attack up, so the next mod I must have is a Cruel VII. It’s got 41 dexterity and 94 physical attack. Perfect for a rogue.

After that I’d want a Razor VII. Unfortunately due to my guilds loot rules, I end up passing on these constantly and actually don’t have a single one on any of my gear. It provides 41 strength and 94 physical attack. Strength is just slightly less beneficial for a rogue. No dodge or accuracy boost, less physical attack than dexterity, but a slight damage boost.

A Suppression VII would have to be next. Hit points are always a secondary priority, but there has to be some stamina mods on every piece. 41 strength and 41 stamina therefore make a good combination. It’s also much easier to get than a Fright, and there are few alternative stamina mods for rogues.

One of the more common rogue mods is a Ravage VII. It drops off multiple bosses, and usually there are more than enough of these floating around the guild. 41 dexterity and 41 strength are a brute force combination, and the supply makes it hard to pass up putting one on your piece of armour.

This leaves one open spot for any number of choices in mod. All my choice mods have been mentioned and anything as good are much rarer drops.

Eruption VII is one of the best melee mods, it drops off the first boss in Hall of Survivors, but rolling against 4 or so other melee players means you won’t get many.

Redemption VII is a good mod (and the most common rogue drop) if you need mana, as many rogue/knight’s do, but it would not be so great for other class combinations.

Speculation VII could theoretically be a good mod in the future, but magical defense so far in this game has been useless.

Slaughter VII is a possibility but, to me at least, it has been incredibly rare. I’ve seen one.

Pioneer VII and Armour VII are both stamina mods that couldn’t hurt much. The Pioneer a bit more so since it has useful defense instead of magical defense.

There’s also the possibility of green mods. They’re rare but 51 stamina, and 51 dexterity do drop, usually as dirty mods on all the yellow mods I’ve just mentioned. 51 stamina is not bad at all, but my fellow rogues would hesitate to use 51 dexterity simply because other easy to get mods can provide more physical attack, like the following.

Finally out of all the pre-Heart of the Ocean dungeons, only Kalin’s Shrine still provides usable mods. Illumine VI and Barbarian VI are still viable, usable mods with good stats.

That’s a fairly definitive list of the mods I have access to and what I would use. I’ve used more Redemptions than I’d like, and less Eruptions, but generally all my Hoto mods are going to pieces of gear designed like that. I’m not saying every rogue has to gear up like this, it’s just how I’m doing it, but I hope it helps.


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