Guldamor Is No More

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GuldamorProgress on our server through the Hall of Survivors has been slower than on other servers, particularly compared to the Europeans. However once Glamo Went Blamo we continued on to Guldamor.

Let me give you a brief overview of the challenges involved with defeating him. First of all he’s got a hell of a lot of health. So to defeat him we need all our best dps players. Forgetting time constraints like jobs and schedules, it takes time to get everyone to him. Then come his abilities. He spawns these circles of power from which he gets a buff from, so he has to be moved off them, while he’s doing that he spawns these red energy balls that have to be destroyed because they cause too much damage. The circles of power also give players buffs so you try to have as many as possible on one doing dps while others are taking out the red balls. After a couple minutes he goes into an invulnerable state where he spawns a crystal at the far end of the room an waits for it to come buff him. You have to switch to the crystal to make sure he doesn’t get that buff. It’ll do that a couple times then go back to spawning circles. After 10 minutes, he rages. You would not like Guldamor when he is upset.

I have to say my guild is pretty good. Each attempt we make on a new boss we usually learn something and get closer to downing him. Those red energy balls had us the first few times, then we had problems with the crystal, just plain doing enough dps, the buffs, but after a while, we solved each problem one by one. Very mechanical and slow going but we’re the only people on our server even attempting anything past the first boss.

Our final attempt was where we had all the problems nailed down except dps. Our tank, grumpy, kept him out of the circles, our Awesome Content Conquering Rogue and our Attention Deficit Disorder Rogue kept the red balls down. The crystal went off without a hitch, and we had him to about 5% when of course, he rages.

Rage in Runes of Magic is a magnificent thing. You can rarely do anything about it but stand there and die. One shot and our tank went down. Panic sets in, people start scrambling, Healers, Mages, and Rogues start kiting. Backup tank jumps in, people start dpsing again, 4%. Bam one shot, backup tank down, keep going, so what if you’re going to die. ACCeR and ADDeR vanish to avoid hate, next on the hate list goes down, then me, 3%. ACCeR builds up hate again fast because he’s throwing all his cool downs on it, but he goes down next, 2%. We’ve still got our best mages, priests, and a rogue on it. Crystal appears, he gets buffed, shit. ADDer is kiting, mages still dpsing, healers doing a great job, 1%. Long pause as ADDer just runs around the room, still 7 people alive and kicking, 0%. He’s still going! WTF! What the shit does 0% even mean any more!? Nothing lasts longer than this fucking energizer bunny!

And then Guldamor was no more. We ressed up and were at the next boss less than an hour later. We got the first Void staff in America, and now he goes down on the first try each time.


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