The Drama Came Back

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hamletThe very next day almost. I know I said there was No More Drama, but apparently Mary J. Blige is on vacation. Guild drama in an MMORPG, who’d have figured?

It all started with the Moriargy bug. He’s a bugged boss that has great rewards and is only supposed to spawn every 3 or 4 hours, but spawns every time his corpse disappears. Well as I’ve said, this causes a lot of drama. People don’t get their drop, and things go crazy. Even some of my most respected and popular guildies have lost their temper, quit (only to rejoin later) the guild, over this drop. Fair enough, we all rage once in a while. It was the beginning of the end though.

When our guilds leadership left for Aion, we merged with a guild that was a bit behind us in content to keep activity up. We gave their officers full and equal leadership. Little did we know that every time a problem came up, whether it be loot, or well no, it was always a loot problem. Usually one of their members not taking the time to read our rules, one of their officers interpreting things in the most naive or frustrating way possible, and never really doing anything about the actual problem itself. Rather than just kick anyone from the guild who refused to play by our rules, we were forced to keep them on and be subject to their drama.

When I say forced, I mean, genuinely blackmailed into keeping people, or else their old guild leader, who I will call Plato, would leave and take all his old members with him.

So we held a guild meeting to discuss these problems, and talked about our loot problems for more than an hour. 5 minutes after the meeting ended we had one of their members, Tank 8, roll on a mod that was not for their class. Many of us wanted to kick him, we still ended up being forced to keep him.

Even members of our own guild, members before the merge, who were causing trouble were free to do so. Only when members left of their own accord, because they thought our loot rules were “greedy”, and refused to listen to reason, were we free of their constant arguments.

Finally we told everyone to cut the crap. These were the rules, follow them or leave the guild. That seemed to pretty much end it. We managed to lose one of the agitators, kick one and have his friend leave with him, and another stopped playing. We were good for about a week.

Then this Moriargy thing came up. We’ve warred people over it, seen wars over it, seen world shout flame wars. I actually wish they’d fix this bug. One of the major Drama situations revolved around 2 of our original members (I’ll call them Pink and Talksalot) not being invited to the party to kill Moriargy. There’s lots of system message spam, but there’s usually no excuse for not inviting people to the group, it can always come back to haunt you. The problem was two of our non-original members were in the group. So when our original members began kill stealing Moriargy that was considered slightly rude. I agree actually, it was rude. Pink and Talksalot were out of line, they should have either continued waiting, or left entirely. There is no excuse for deliberately antagonizing members of our own guild. The two merger members had no control over getting them into the group. Damage done though, as another merger member left the guild.

You would think that would be fine though. People leave guilds all the time, and in general we had only lost 2 or 3 members of the merger guild. Pretty good over all. Unfortunately, their guild leader, Plato, goes vast distances for his members. Paying for their gear, rallying to their causes. He treated them like family and you could hear the sadness in his voice for long after they had left. Each member leaving was like some kind of dagger in his heart. Which is why I suppose he held the guild hostage over every problem.

I’m not even sure what the last straw was but a few days later, our Fearless Leader who had been holding things together since the Aion split, just said enough. He lost his temper and told Plato, he was sick of the blackmail and to go ahead and leave. Plato wasted no time, and we’ve lost around 20 members.

However, this is not bad news. Every day since then has been a blessing. We’ve even gone on to down the 4th boss in Hall of Survivors. The people leaving are mostly inactive casual types, who hardly ever participate in groups. We actually managed to keep their best priest so far, and we recruited a few people from the #2 guild on the server. I think over all everyone is happier. Our differences in style caused nothing but strife.

The drama came back, but it’s gone again for now.

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