Fraud In Runes of Magic

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fraudRecently it was announced that due to rising amounts of fraud, there would be some changes in payment methods. As of January 8th if you buy Diamonds with a credit card or paypal you can’t sell them on the auction house or use them to buy gifts from the cash shop for other people. The problem here is, I buy 90% of my Diamonds on the Auction House, as do most of my guild.

I could start describing some of the excesses of the players of Runes of Magic, how some of them spend thousands gearing up themselves or their guild. These people also tend to sell some of their Diamonds on the Auction House for gold. These days Diamonds cost 8.5k per diamond, but I’ve seen them as high as 22k per. Their low price is all due to, in my opinion, insane RoM players.

This leaves only the people who are able to, buy gift cards at Target, buy Zeevex cards, or buy Ultimate Game Cards from Amazon as the people who I will be buying Diamonds from on the Auction House. I’m sure they’ll all be selling Diamonds at reasonable prices.

So what is the reason behind the shift? Apparently it’s something to do with credit card companies raising their transaction fees because of continued fraud with Frogster. Frogster America says “Due to increasing fraudulent transactions, it was decided to follow in the foot steps of our brothers and sisters at Frogster Online Gaming (EU).” This was followed by a link to, what I can only conclude, was the wrong information.

So who is getting defrauded? More than likely, it’s the morons who buy gold from Real Money Transfer “companies”. In a game where you can just straight up buy anything you need from the company itself, people are getting ripped off by third party gold sellers. I see the bots every day, I find it so sad that anyone buys gold from them.

The immediate effects of this are that I’m going to have to start farming even more gold. Ugh. I’m going to have to pay more real money for Diamonds. Ugh. I’m also going to start perceiving Frogster as greedy. Meh, too late.


  1. My paypal account was hacked to buy Frogster products, asked for a refund, don’t know where they found my password, didn’t share it. It’s changed in between.

    • That sucks dude. I don’t know how people get a hold of information like that. add-ons, keyloggers, RMT types.

      You ever play runes of magic?

  2. My paypal account was also fraudulently used to buy stuff from Frogster… never even heard of this game. No idea how they got my password.

    Frogster then sent ME money, more money than the fraudulent transaction. Then the put a hold on the transaction…

    • I’m sorry to hear it, online fraud is a real problem mostly because its not watched as much by law enforcement. sounds like frogster did ok by you though.

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