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hypeJust a couple of links to some Guild Wars 2 mentions on two sites. The hype continues to grow. Get it!? Because I’ve got this can of Hype Energy Drink right next to this paragraph. Hilarious. Sometimes I just sit in awe of myself.

First there’s a short preview with mostly old information. MMO Crunch has a simple straight-forward review of things we already know. It covers most of the important elements I’ve covered previously, with a couple of items I don’t think I’ve mentioned in this blog. I’ve mentioned the Event System before, essentially there will be few if any exclamation marks above peoples heads. Yet as you explore you’ll run into situations with multiple outcomes or opportunities. I’ll mention again just how annoying it will be to have people constantly explaining in chat where a quest is or how to activate it. Although this situation does sound cool.

One of the examples demonstrates a dragon attacking the bridge of a small village. The players will then have a choice whether to fight the beast or not. If they succeed in this, the dragon will flee and they will be rewarded. Should they fail then the dragon destroys the bridge of the village and a new series of quests is unlocked to fix the bridge.

I’ve also mentioned the World PvP, but have not included small details like this.

There will also be a Lineage-ish castle system where players join each other to take control of a selected castle.

Small details, but everything new is better than nothing.

Zam have put up an end of year, ‘Best of 2009’ type deal at their site. Guild Wars 2 has taken the prize for “Most Anticipated Original IP“. No new information but I thought I’d share anyway.

Still waiting on that gameplay info Arenanet.


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