Star Wars: The Old Republic Novel

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Star Wars MangaI’ve posted about several gaming tie-in novels in the past, including the upcoming Guild Wars 2 prequel novels. I’ve never really stated an opinion on their worth versus other Intellectual Property or original IP.

Darth Hater was kind enough to point to a quick summary of the upcoming tie in novel for Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s called Fatal Alliance, so it’s pretty standard fantasy so far, with the incredibly cliche’d title and all.

via Beyond the New Jedi Order.

Three and a half millennia before the Clone Wars, the Treaty of Coruscant has tabled an uneasy peace between the Galactic Republic and the reemerging Sith Empire. However, with new skirmishes becoming a regular occurrence, even on the relatively peaceful planet of Alderaan, the Jedi Order finds itself in an all too familiar position: protecting the Republic from a looming all-out war.

The truth is gaming novels, as long as they’re written well enough, are no worse than a novel written in a world the author did not create. Star Wars has a long line of successful related books, none of which are written by George Lucas. Forgotten Realms novels are based on a Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting, and have a quite a list of their own.

Actually, because of this, I have much higher hopes for the SW:TOR book, rather than some of the others. The standard of quality among SW novels is pretty strong. I can only hope the Guild Wars 2 novel gets it right.


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