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bugs bunnyAs I’ve mentioned plenty of times, Runes of Magic is filled with exploits. Usually they get fixed, but only after long periods of time. Once they’re discovered they are spread mercilessly, giving great advantage to those who discover them first. In a worst case scenario for developers an exploit might even deprive the company of money.

My favourite exploit had to do with death penalty. If you died in an instance, you could leave your party, return to character selection, log back in, and it was as though you had never died. Incredibly convenient. Death penalty in Runes of Magic is a debt that you pay with all new xp and tp. If you’re trying to max your skills and have millions in debt, it goes much slower.

They fixed that.

The newest and by far one of the most widely known and used exploits I have seen was recently introduced in a patch. In the north of Weeping Coast a boss was added to the Naga Outpost. His name is Moriagy. He spawns near the entrance to Savage Lands and your goal is to kill him, retrieve his drop, and collect perhaps 50 dog tags from the ‘troops’ that spawn with him. At 55 it’s not a hard fight and I suspect that he was supposed to be added when Weeping Coast was. In any case, he respawns every three hours, and only drops one daily quest drop for an entire group. The daily quest can be done multiple times a day and also gives you resources, potions, foods, fusions stones and one random rune.

Here’s where it gets interesting. He quickly became bugged and now spawns whenever his corpse disappears. If you have the DPS you can kill him every 30 seconds or so. Nearly all of the high level guilds have caught on to this, and groups of 8 or so are constantly there, collecting his drop. As only one can be collected per kill this has turned, unsurprisingly, into a source of drama virtually every day.

Even further, there is room to exploit the members of these groups due to the insane amount of system messages during the fight. For some reason there is a constant stream of system messages flooding chat, and loot information is hard to keep track of, let alone guild chat, party chat, zone chat, and world chat. This makes it easy for the greedy among us to perhaps get more items than they are deserving of. Most parties use a Master Looter, to fairly distribute who gets the drop in a rotating order, but this does not always work out.

So why all the fuss? The daily itself is actually less xp and tp than the higher level dailies. However, the random runes you get from each daily are anywhere from Tier 3 to Tier 5. Previously unheard of, Tier 5 runes are a giant boon to end game raiders. You would have felt lucky to get a Tier 3 rune playing through HoTo or any other dungeon. This is for practical purposes the best source for Tier 4 or Tier 5 runes.

They did not fix this.

Finally I call all my non-existent blog readers attention to the cash shop item known as the Transport Rune. In RoM there is Marking Ink and the ability to mark any point in the world you’re standing at as a transport point. Once done, you can pull up your transport menu and choose any of 100 possible marked points, and transport there using a Transport Rune. It costs 2 diamonds, relatively cheap, and there are ways to get them in game without diamonds. However, as a new player, as you level, you eventually gain around 35 free Transport Runes. If you have alts, this adds up to a lot of Transport Runes you’re not using.

Surprise! There’s an exploit going as far back as beta. Somehow, someone, somewhere got hold of an unbound Transport Rune. When they piled their bound (as normal) Transport Runes on top of their unbound ones, they all became unbound. For a time they were sold on the auction house for rock bottom prices. People are constantly transferring their now unbound Transport Runes through the mail, which bound items obviously can’t do. They’ve prevented the sale of Transport Runes in the Auction House but that hasn’t stopped anyone from continuing the activity.

They did not fix that.

It surprises me that such game breaking mechanics are left to their own devices for such long periods of time. The Moriagy exploit is no secret, neither are the others. Yet their effect on the game is large. Rune prices on the Auction House are dropping like a rock. I’m sure the sale of Big Angel’s Sigh (prevents Death Penalty for 24hrs) and God’s Redemption Ticket (removes DP) were low compared to their current levels. I’m not sure how much money might be lost on Transport Runes.

It’s funny, I constantly accuse the people behind RoM of being greedy, but they’d rather create content that nobody can play (Varanas Nightmare, Demon Dragon’s Lair) than fix bugs. I give up trying to understand them.



  1. Moriagy is fixed…. you now need to kill some 50 troops first, then the naga outpost is weakened enough for the humans to engage (the greenish swamp guy, and ladi guri or whatshisface, and a lot of regular soldiers) then, a countdown timer starts, after wich the naga reinforcments arrive, including moriagy, and when he dies, or decides its no fun anymore and leaves, the naga outpost is thrown in chaos and needs something like 9000 seconds to recover, so 150 minutes, and then you have to kill those 50 naga’s again, so i’d say its fixed. but thanx for the info anyway, because i was looking for info on dogtags šŸ˜›

    Peace and Respect, Kroq-Gar

    • well cool. The post i’m sure is highly outdated, as it was written well over a year ago, but I hope you found something useful.

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