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chronomancerI suspect that not all of the classes from the original Guild Wars will return in Guild Wars 2. Partially this is because when I spoke with a guy who claimed to have participated in an in-house alpha some time ago, he claimed that some classes were missing and there were new classes as well, totaling some “12 or so” classes.

I’ve been looking over the video’s they’ve released, the concept art we’ve seen, and the interviews they’ve given, and have come up with a few predictions on what classes we’ll see.

I’ll start with a new class I think might make it to the game. Summoners. There is some concept art that points to this class, and the original Guild Wars seemed to have some styles of play that leant themselves to a summoner class. Minion Masters were and still are a very popular Necromancer style. I can easily see this becoming it’s own class of a sort. There was also an interview that got me somewhat suspicious.

The Ritualist isn’t going to be in Guild wars 2. I’ve not seen any evidence of it anywhere. There has been no sign of similar armour in trailers, that’s a big factor in my mind. I know Arenanet has said armour will not be bound by class, but there doesn’t seem to be a single hint of that style, while Mesmer like armour is prevalent in the Races Trailer. Also I don’t think there’s any room for it in concept if there will be Summoners. I think the Ritualist flies in the face of the joy of movement as well, which Arenanet has talked about. The Ritualist is based on summoning spirits to form these defensive or offensive zones. For the most part these areas are stationary. It made for interesting strategy, but with the highly anticipated ability to jump and swim, I don’t see the Ritualist fitting with where the game is going. If Summoners do exist, class concepts begin to clash here as well. One class summons spirits while another summons…physical beings perhaps? I just don’t think it will work out.

I don’t think Paragons will be in Guild Wars 2 either. At least initially. Story wise I would think they would be wiped out when Palawa Joko takes over Elona. That leaves little room for the entire class to move house to Tyria where before it was only available when you started a character in Elona. At least there is some small evidence of Dervish style armour and someone who seems to be wearing it wielding a two-handed melee weapon I can’t quite make out in the Races Trailer.

There is much evidence of a few specific classes in the trailers. Whether they are wielding two-handed weapons, or wearing classic Warrior style armour, there is little doubt of the existence of Warriors. Rangers are mentioned by name in some publicity information, and some are seen to wield bows. The amount of gun related concept art, in my mind, points to rangers wielding rifles. I’m not sure if they’ll be the only class to do so, but they will be one of the classes certainly. There is also Ranger style armour in some concept art. The Races Trailer also shows plenty of very specific Elementalist style casting effects.

There has been no mention of Necromancers but I have every confidence they’ll be in the game. It’s a classic spell caster class and Arenanet has a nice take on it.

As I said earlier, armour is not bound by class in Guild Wars 2, but there certainly is Mesmer style armour and Mesmer style haircuts and appearance. Mesmers are also one of Arenanets finest classes, an intriguing mix of curses, interrupts, energy denial, and other subversive style spells. If it’s one class Arenanet is keeping, it’s this one.

There is very clearly a Charr wielding two daggers, making an Assassin style attack during one of the Trailers. It’s in the game.

There is plenty of information out there about one class that never made it to the game. Before Arenanet decided to make GW2 instead of continuing the line of expansions, their next expansion was to be named Utopia. One of the classes they were going to release with that expansion was the Chronomancer. Now they’ve said the Chronomancer will not make it to GW2. Certainly though, I doubt any work they put into the class will go to waste, whether it be armour designs or types of spells. I’m sure they will be shuffled into other classes or entirely new classes.

There are plenty of possibilities for other new classes. Golems seem to be quite prevalent in any shots of the Asura. Arenanet has said that classes will not be bound by race, so although Golemancers might seem a possibility, I actually have to rule them out for now. No Golems seem to have been in the company of other races. I’ve established that guns will come in to play in GW2, my suspicion is only in the hands of Rangers, however, perhaps a Gunner class might come in to play? It isn’t impossible.

I’ve also not seen a trace of the Monk class. It actually makes me kind of curious. A monk is a must have in any GW group. Although each class is given minor heal abilities, you always needed 2 monks. It’s possible that Arenanet is trying to provide more options for healing, developing the self-heal option to a further degree. I suspect though they won’t stray too far from the DPS, Tank, Heal trifecta.

It’s still early days, and much of this post is based on conjecture. Arenanet has said they’re planning on releasing details about game play in the new year, so hopefully we won’t have to wait long to find out if I’m right or wrong.


  1. Well, I highly doubt they would add another archer type class. SO for gunner, I doubt it will be an entirely new class, however, there might be some hinting to a different class setup, so rangers can be more of an archer class instead of a pet master class, like in the first GW. And whether warriors are in the trailer or not, they will never remove warriors from the game. Mostly for the various “They are the bulky, platemail wearing class.” reasons. Same thing goes with the monk. And with the Palawa Joko taking over elona, I think the paragon class has a chance of appearing in 2 as well. It only said he conquered, it never said they didn’t get away.
    Oh, and for the necromancers, possibly they might mesh the ritualist together with the necromancer class to form sort of a hybrid class, since they both deal with the dead, so to speak…

    • I’d be willing to bet paragons appear when elona does, but I doubt they’ll be in the initial release of guild wars 2.

      everything else is speculation until we know more, but I appreciate the feedback. This is one of my most popular posts and you’re the first commenter.

      • Apprently there is gonna be a class that uses bows, one that uses guns, and one that uses both.

        • Yeah a lot of weapons are going to be useable by multiple professions from what I hear.

  2. about the golems….they will be just for all asurans. you can see it in gw2 wiki

    • yeah, i expect golems for asurans, animal forms for norn, and other similar things for the other 3 races.

  3. Through seeing some concept art on the guildwars 2 wiki, there’s a mesmer, a necromancer, and an assassin. Necromancers were in the Ghosts of Ascalon book and mesmers were mentioned in the book too.
    This shows the concept art, at the bottom of the page, you’ll see the three already announced professions, along with a gray themed class, with a shady appearance holding a dagger, this is no doubt an assassin or some sort of rogue class.
    Then there’s a purple based picture of an elegant dressed woman with a fan covering her face, this is probably a mesmer. Then there’s one I can’t figure out but I’m sure is the other armored class. It has a light blue theme to the picture and is a knight of some sort with lighter armor compared to the warrior. And then there’s the necromancer which was mentioned in the book and probably in the game. So at the moment there are 3 revealed classes and 4 classes with evidence backing their existence.

    You’re wrong about the trifecta thing, in an article on their website they talk about how they wanted to do away with that system and create their own, it’s more rudimentary consisting of damage/support/ and control

    • thank you for commenting, but this particular post is more than 7 months old, and posted before anet started releasing…well, anything about the game.

      I’ve commented a few times on the concept art you’ve mentioned in various posts, the trifecta thing, necros in the book, assassins, etc.

      but hey thanks for reading.

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