Too Late or Too Soon

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Too LateMy post about the limited digital content scam that Runes of Magic keeps pulling was sadly a little late. If I had posted about that mess on the day it happened perhaps it would have ended up seeming more relevant. In fact I wrote that article before logging in a few days later, only to find that they were again on sale. I knew they’d be putting them back on sale, so that was no surprise. I think the problem is that I find their methods haphazard, misleading and frustrating.

Yesterdays post was perhaps posted one day too soon, because Massively ended up posting their results today, knowingly commenting on the methods used to get people to vote for their favourite game. Instead of simply handing out the honors to RoM they hand picked the winners they thought deserved the prize.

The question is, should I wait longer to post or post as soon as possible. Either way I’m sure I’ll still end up looking slightly foolish.


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