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GreedI think Runes of Magic thinks I’m an idiot. They charge insane prices for just about everything they sell in their item shop. A mount costs 10 bucks. Wings can cost 5000 rubies, and they sold a ‘special’ mount for 1300 diamonds. They seem to think they can get away with anything.

There are sales of course. In fact I rarely buy anything unless it’s on sale, thanks to their outrageous prices. I work hard to spend as little money on this game as possible. Diamonds are expensive and I don’t want to spend as much money as some of my guildies have.

Recently I heard through the grapevine of an upcoming item shop item. It was supposed to be able to remove dirty mod stats from an armour piece. I started saving up diamonds knowing it would be expensive. I also had heard it would come some time around Christmas, and began waiting in anticipation.

As December 24th rolled around, I logged in, overheard something about the item shop in vent and immediately went to see if it had arrived. There it was, Attribute Purifying Stones, from which the description says it removed all bonus stats from an item. While not exactly what I had hoped for, still a very useful item. Then I noticed that the icon in the shop was blinking, and that it said “Limit“. I quickly tried to purchase one, only to find out exactly what that meant.

There was a limit. 3,000 had been made available earlier in the day, and surprise, they had sold out. In 30 seconds. 6 hours before I had logged in. An hour after that, 5,000 had been made available again, lucky us, and had sold out. In 1 minute. 5 hours before I had logged in.

Imagine if iTunes had a limited supply of Jonas Brothers songs. That make business sense to anyone?

They have had limited supplies before, and it always causes an uproar, not to mention a huge advantage to whoever can get the items and use them for gold. Unbinders were a limited supply item, which sold out. People used them for 6 months to make hordes of cash, which they could use to buy whatever they wanted, propelling them to the top of the game. These Attribute Purifying Stones are doing the same thing. It unbalances the game in the first place, to allow only a select few to get them is even more ridiculous.

When it comes down to it, I think it’s unethical. They’re clearly trying to create a false demand for a product they have unlimited supply of.

I of course went to the forums and viewed the thread. Their forums are underpopulated, over-censored, and not informative or clear. As a result, there are few threads that receive more than a few replies. On the fourth page of the APS thread, I posted that limited supply of a digital product is greedy bullshit. It was deleted.

I don’t care that they plan to release the APS’s again, hopefully in an unlimited supply. It’s just so back asswards. First you allowed anyone who got one to get insanely rich off those who didn’t, then you pissed off anyone who didn’t get one, and finally, you insult everyone’s intelligence by saying it’s a limited supply.

I can not comprehend the brain dead decisions of this company.

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