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dramaThe holidays are a wonderful time to talk about greed and envy, are they not? My guild has had quite a lot of drama lately due to some bone headed thinking, immature members, and stubbornness. All over a few lousy mods.

To sum up our loot system, Need To Wear, Greed to mod, pass on everything not for your class. Everything should be discussed in group, to see who needs what, who already has something, who can finish a piece, and who has to wait.

When our guild began to fall apart, thanks to a large part of the leadership jumping ship for Aion, one of the things we considered was merging with other guilds, and eventually we did. We’ll call them Guild 2. Guild 2 hadn’t come as far as us, but ran the major gearing up instance often enough.

Things began to get rocky when one of Guild 2’s (someone we’ll call Tank 8 ) members, who fall into some of my favourite Vent stereotypes, made some bad decisions. Tank 8 in particular kept talking about how he wanted to get a specific useful mod and sell it, on the Auction House. He also kept rolling on mods that weren’t for his class, and nobody from Guild 2, to this day, takes the time to read our loot guidelines. Various mistakes were made but we were patient and tried not to complain.

Part of the problem stemmed from how we we’re light on just about every class after the Aion split, and when we merged, we were heavy, quite heavy, on mage/priests. This made mage mods highly sought after, and before long we had people getting anxious about never getting any mods.

Another problem was we were still light on priests after the merge. Many of our mage/priests were called on to perform priest functions quite often, and due to our rules, you only get to roll on your primary class. This meant our mage/priests, when in a party as a priest, with a real primary priest, did not get to roll on priest mods when they dropped. We heard more and more complaints about this. Logically it was pointed out that priest primaries did not get to roll on mage mods, even though they could be useful, and it would be unfair for mage/priests to roll on both priest and mage mods each run. Priest mods are fairly rare, so we stuck to the rules, but each time certain people were in a group, they’d argue for it, and we began to get really tired of it.

One day, Tank 8 rolled on a sought after mage mod. This was the first major incident. He is a Tank. He does not need a mage mod. He won the roll. It didn’t help that half the guild has him on mute in vent. We wanted to guild kick him. He’s been nothing but whiney, annoying, non-contributing, lazy, dead weight. We’ve got plenty of tanks. The guild we merged with was given equal power over the guild though, and for some godforsaken reason was attached to this brat. They held the guild hostage over one person. We reached a compromise, he stones the mod, returns it, and if he ever causes a problem again he’s gone. He never actually sent the mod, but I think it was mature of us to over look that.

Not long after this, someone we’ll call Squirrel got really angry about being told he can’t roll on priest mods. This is the other major incident. He’s a mage, and he wanted a fairly nice priest mod. He felt robbed or cheated and didn’t hesitate to bring this up whenever possible. He argued against our Loot Rules and began to think of everyone from Guild 1, the original guild, as greedy and selfish. We like to think that we’re not. We had several big meetings to outline the loot rules, talk about the drama, and finally in one meeting, we just said if you don’t like the rules you can just leave, and if anybody thinks they can be guild leader please step up. Squirrel immediately volunteered to be guild leader but was ignored.

Squirrel quit the guild not long after that, openly saying everything he felt, knocking us in the official forums, calling us out in world chat. I’m kind of proud to say we didn’t respond to that kind of childishness, other than to ban him from our own forums to which he continued to comment and trash talk. He had some good points as did others, that if you’re being asked to priest, shouldn’t you be able to roll on priest mods? The majority of the guild feels that you should feel lucky that you get to come at all, a mage/priest is not the ideal priest.

The funny thing is, I don’t entirely disagree. People should be able to mod the way they want. Unfortunately if everyone in an end game guild did that, it would take a lot longer to gear up, if someones rolling on gear for two professions, they aren’t going to be much use to the guild as a whole.

There were other problems, people who continued to bring it up, while the rest of the guild got sick and tired of talking about it. One of Guild 1’s members thinks that mods that are extremely good should go to those who can help break content. That doesn’t help. Eventually though, things died down. Squirrel leaving the guild really helped, and Tank 8 has been lectured quite a bit. There are still ruffled feathers though, and tense nerves, particularly the people who don’t want to hear about it any more. It’s still possible Guild 2 will leave the combined guilds, but as of right now we are on day 4 of no drama.

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