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Guild WarsI played Guild Wars for a long time. It’s a great game over all, with a few specific and kind of glaring flaws. One of these flaws is Guild Wars has a lack of emphasis on guilds. Putting aside Guild Halls, since I’ve talked about them, lets see what you could do strictly from the Guild Menu.

Guild ranks were fixed. Leader, officer, member, guests to your guild hall. You have one Announcement and it has to be short. You can see who is online, and how long people have been offline. After factions came out you could see which guilds were in your Alliance, and visit their guild halls. You can warp instantly to your guild hall. You could check how much faction your guild or your alliance have, or your pvp rank. That’s it.

Runes of Magic does a lot more for guilds. You can alter the guild structure, and name the officer, member, alts, and dumbass (oh yeah we’ve got a dumbass rank) ranks, or put people on a probation status. The guild menu can tell you if your members are online and where they are, and how long they’ve been offline. You can give people nicknames in the Cadre Notes. You can keep tabs on level progress. There’s plenty of room for multiple announcements and bulletins. Not to mention the guild resources page, where you could donate, see who was donating, see if you had enough money for a guild war, or a new guild castle building. You can see how well you’ve done in wars.

To me, that’s a lot more customizable and personal. I’d rather be in a Runes of Magic Guild than a Guild Wars guild.

What brings this up though is World of Warcraft. Their upcoming expansion Cataclysm has incredible improvements to their guild system. I’ll be honest, WoW has never appealed to me, but these guild improvements look crazy good. Guild levels and talents, guild items and guild currency, guild achievements, a looking for guild system, a new guild interface with more information. I’m all about more information.

5 years in, and the richest most successful MMO on the market, World of Warcraft seems to finally be putting some emphasis on Guilds. I just hope people copy this like they copy everything else from WoW.

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  1. I have read most of your Runes of Magic posts and found them highly informative, truthful and also a good way to find out another players point of view. Keep it up 🙂

  2. thanks figgy. i think you’re the only one. 😛

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