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AscalonI don’t know technically if it can be said that the novel was pushed back, since there was never any real publication information, and certainly no date announced. However, Simon & Shuster had previously posted a placeholder date of February 23rd, while I believe Barns & Noble had posted a date of April 27th. Now I’m reading on Simon & Shuster’s site that their placeholder date has changed to July 27th 2010. While placeholder dates mean absolutely nothing, I think we can draw some definite and certain conclusions.

The novel is set 1 year before Guild Wars 2, and is supposed to sort of bridge the gap of time, 250 years, between Guild Wars 1 and GW2. It follows a group of people as they go into Ascalon to find a lost Charr artifact. The journey is meant to help forge a peace between Humans and Charr, but along the way the group ends up telling stories about their culture and their people, and you end up learning about how each race sees themselves and each other. The Humans and the Charr are each fighting wars on 3 different fronts, and although it might make some unhappy, there is the idea on both sides that perhaps for a time they can have a truce until they have dealt with their other problems. The main character appears to be an Indiana Jones type character, who gets hired on to find the artifact, but other characters do share their viewpoints.

To draw even further conclusions, based on the Races trailer, I’m guessing Destiny’s Edge might maybe make an appearance in the novel. It doesn’t sound like just Charr and Human characters on this journey. And any Guild Wars 2 novel should probably include each race, and Destiny’s Edge would make a convenient way to do this, but this is worse than speculation, it’s mere wishful thinking.

Every indication was that the book would come in the spring of 2010, particularly in the first few seconds of this video. The very fact that a place holder date has been pushed back by 6 months, seems to indicate to me that at the very least, the book is not coming out this winter or spring. Just speculation of course, unless you consider for a second that my speculation is undeniably true.


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