When Glamo Went Blamo

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Giant GuardianRecently my guild in Runes of Magic has been working on some of the hardest content in the game. Hall of Survivors was always hinted at in game content, there is an area in one of the early levels that has large Rune Guardians and leads to a giant door in a mountain. These Rune Guardians are essentially golems, magically animated robots.

It wasn’t until Savage Lands was released that you could enter Hall of Survivors though, Savage Lands is on the other side of that mountain. When it was released, we were still clearly not well geared and we were hesitant to try it. After the guild merger our activity increased greatly and even the drop rate has been improved. After a while we felt more confident going in there. We started downing, and at times farming, the first boss of the instance.

We weren’t the first guild on the server to down that first boss, our rivals who we’ve had contentious relations with, downed Andriol while we were still disorganized after the merger. Almost immediately after they did this we went in there and eventually got him down. Nothing like a little competition.

Clearing the mobs is painful though, a straight up head to head doesn’t work too well. What we end up doing is leashing all the mobs, pick out one or two, kill them and let the mobs reset for another leash. Alternately we bring in a Druid with a skill that turns one mob into a friendly npc that gets wailed on by its friends. Takes a lot longer.

So when we got to the 2nd boss the first time, we couldn’t really pin him down. There are a number of problems. He spawns numerous adds that are near impossible to kill, so you have to kite, tank, or crowd control them. The boss himself does pretty decent damage so the healers and tank have their own problems. We wiped a few times and due to time limitations had to give up.

Our second attempt went much, much, better. We had solid experience, a game plan, and a good team. Thankfully I was not asked to do much. I’m a Rogue and my cc’s only work on one type of mod, and then only for 5 seconds. So I dps’d the boss. The adds are a problem I couldn’t help much with. Colour coordinated, they’re easy to tell apart. The red ones don’t do much damage, but more than one on a single person can become a problem. The blue one is dangerous, he’s slow so you can kite him, but if you don’t see him coming he stuns you and then does a lot of damage. The green one is probably why we’ve wiped the most times, he fears. All your healers and crowd control people unable to do anything but run around randomly usually spells disaster.

Here’s what we did, we kept everyone who wasn’t melee on the boss, away from the boss. He’s got a forward facing AoE. Me and another rogue dps’d him from the side. We had 1 mage dps, while 2 others used static field to root adds. We used an off-tank to grab aggro on all the red adds and tank them away from everyone. We had a scout on rooting the blue slow moving one. So we moved in and started dpsing the boss, the only problems came with unexpected spawns.

At first everything was fine, everything was rooted, we were slowly getting the boss down. Suddenly someone was a little too late, the green one got off a Fear. All the casters went running around, and our tank was suddenly downing all his potions. While this happened some of the adds escaped their cc’s. Fear only lasts a short time though, and with expert precision everyone returned to healing, cc’ing and dpsing.

Around 55% I did something stupid, while watching the bosses cast bar and concentrating on hitting my skills, I hadn’t even noticed a Blue one had spawned quite farther away from the usual spawn location. In fact, neither had the scout assigned to cc him. I don’t blame him though, the Blue one is slow and if I had paid one lick of attention I could have avoided him. I went down.

The group went ahead as normal until about 11%. The green one got off another fear. This one really did spell disaster, as healers and casters, and worst of all the main tank went down. Everyone except our Awesome Content Conqueror Rogue, a mage, and our off tank. At first everyone just sat there, dejected. After about 10 seconds though we realized, holy crap, ACCR is kiting the boss, and the boss isn’t trying to hit him he’s just using his rage skill over and over. Our off-tank was tanking virtually every add, and our mage was healing and kiting as well.

Panic struck the group, could we res and make it back to the gate that cuts off anyone from returning to the fight, and even if we did, can we cast through it? We all ressed, someone opened a Passage Portal (in game items are actually worth it sometimes) we all ported to right outside the instance and ran our asses off.

At the gate, everyone stood there doing what we could. I threw shadow prison at the few adds that it worked on, mages threw cc’s at the others, healers through heals at our friends as they ran by, I even managed to use some attack skills on the boss when it was close to the gate. Slowly, way too slowly, his health dropped, and finally he died.

Probably the worst boss success we’ve ever had. It was memorable but slightly embarrassing. Didn’t stop us from, of course, announcing the first downing of that boss in world chat. We were celebrating, but funnily enough, we received no congratulations, only accusations of bragging and trash talk. Is it so wrong to brag just a little when you’re the only ones who’ve done something like that? Maybe even in your blog a little bit?


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