The Jingle Brothers Expedition

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Reindeer MountThere’s actually quite a bit of content for this months festival. Some of it is actually quite fun. There’s several quests and free items, random drops to be turned in for more free stuff, and activities to keep you busy.

I started out by finding all the Bad Jingle Brothers. It took me a while to figure out just what I had to do, English has never been Runes of Magics strong suit. Once I got the gist of it I had a lot of fun though. Starting out in Logar, an NPC of a little weird looking reindeer asks you to go find boar oil. Logically the boars close by drop the stuff, and although I had to hunt amongst others for boar spawns, eventually I had the 10 I needed. Fortunately I chose to “Volunteer” rather than turn in the boar oil, as that would have given me a Stocking which drops a random consumable and I would have been done, but this was just getting started.

I’m next told to use this oil to help the lost Jingle Brothers. Where are they? No clue and the NPC isn’t exactly helping, but I guessed, rightly, that they must be somewhere in Logar. After a bit of looking around I suddenly realize there are groups of people standing in normally unpopulated areas. After watching for a minute, I realize they’re all attempting to get on the roof of a building. Normally each roof is inaccessible without a fair amount of effort put in, but in some places crates have been added to help you jump up.

Basically that’s all it is, finding a way to jump on to the roof of various buildings. It can be quite difficult. I watched each building before trying it myself, and discovered that not many people are good at this. I saw several people trying to stand on a haystack that was never designed to be stood on. It had several clipping issues and no solid place to stand. After watching them for a couple minutes I realized that getting to where they wanted to jump (a fence) was near impossible from the haystack. I tried it a few times myself to confirm, then spotted another location one might jump on the fence, much further away. I ran down to the log pile, jumped on a log, ran up it and on my first try made it to the fence. I had to balance my directional keys all the way to the building the fence was attached to, but made it to the roof, and saved the Jingle Brother. For some reason nobody attempted to copy my method.

Next I went to a taller building, this was tougher. You go up some stairs, get a run on, jump to a spot that has no discernible footing, keep running, and hope you make it to a portion of the 1st story roof. From this lower roof, you have to jump to the second story roof. It seems just out of reach, so you have to aim for the gutter area of the 2nd story roof, which just so happens to be the direction of the ground. If you miss you fall and start all over again.

It’s actually quite fun gymnastics, testing the limits of your characters abilities. I gained a lot of practice in jumping and jumping on my mount which is necessary for some houses.

As with everything in Runes of Magic, it was actually kind of buggy and ridiculously difficult for no reason in places. One house requires a somewhat difficult ascension to the roof and then you have to get on your mount, and make a difficult running jump from the pointed peak of the house, to a distant other house. Eventually I made it but not without a few tips from friends.

After finding all 10 Jingle Brothers I received tons of Phirius potions, which I admit, is a pretty sweet gift, some consumable cookies, a title that says “I believe I can fly”, a mini-pet that lasts a half hour and will fight for you in combat, and best of all the cute as hell 30 day Reindeer Mount. Easily the best festival activity I’ve done in this game, and one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing. It takes some ingenuity, timing, patience, strategy, and a little luck. Better than some fedex or kill ten rats quest, that’s for sure.


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