Merry Secular MMO Festival Everyone!

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Bad SantaRunes of Magic is having a completely Secular holiday event! Those are not Bad Santa’s running around all over Taborea, those are Bad Jingle Brothers! That is not a Christmas Tree you are trying to grow with your planting system, it is a decorative plant!

Guild Wars does the same thing, Wintersday, not Christmas. Yet everything is themed after Christmas themes. White snow on pine trees. I’m fine with all this, I wouldn’t want to alienate Muslim or Jewish players either. But if you’re going to have a holiday event, why not base some things around other peoples holidays too. I suggest snow covered Menorots.

Then again, I don’t see what is so Christian about worshiping a fat guy in a red costume. Even though I’m atheist I can appreciate a holiday, a day off, a time to spend with family. To that end most holidays sit at ease with me. Most holidays are co-opted by religion but have little to do with it. Thanksgiving is essentially a pagan harvest ceremony. Christmas is hardly about Christ any more.

I’ll admit that the vast majority of consumers interested in an MMO’s holiday events, (at least in North America and Europe) are probably Christian or of Christian heritage. That doesn’t mean all our holiday events must revolve around the Christian ideal of this time of year. This is a fantasy genre after all. Lets have some imagination.


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