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Runes of MagicThe Gates of the Acropolis patch, not to be confused with the Storming of the Acropolis patch, dropped on Runes of Magic players somewhat unexpectedly. Personally I wasn’t expecting any kind of significant content update, other than a new festival and maybe some new Elites for the Druid and Warden classes.

We actually got a bit of new content, bug fixes, exploit fixes, a fairly big festival, and some new quests. I’ll try to go through the important points with a little commentary.

– The elite instance Naga Acropolis Zurhidon District has been added. What a terrible effing name? Why they’re concentrating on new instances that nobody can do is beyond me.

– Epic quest 3. I’d tell you all about it if it wasn’t bugged.

– Elven Druid and Warden Elite skills for level 35 and level 40. Warden everyone in my guild agree’s is useless, but Druid is definitely gaining in popularity, and the Druid/Warrior elites are impressive.

– Planting System II. uhhhh. More planting! no idea.

– Warm Winter’s Holiday in-game Event. This is actually pretty extensive, and I was really interested in it, until I realized that the tons of festival buff items I was getting don’t work in instances. What? Why? What’s the point? Persecute dungeon runners why don’t you.

– Various dungeon drops have been upgraded. Hall of Survivor and Lair of the Demon Dragon gear is now 20% better than previously. The Water Dragon armour has been fixed. Instead of a virtually useless 35 stamina being affixed to each piece, they now come with yellow 7 mods. That’s the Heart of the Ocean style mod that everyone is after right now. All Origin armour is now 10% better.

– Malatina’s min-game is now improved with better rewards. Honestly I suck at this mini-game, its harder for a rogue. You can get good drops in there now, and a new item that allows you to repair your gear where ever you are. You can also get 1 Arcane Transmutor charge, big whoop though. Spending 30 phirius tokens to get into that game is the equivalent of 1 transmutor charge.

– Adjusted gathering. Holy shit something I can actually use. Instead of mindlessly clicking every 2 seconds, I now only have to click once. Slightly more convenient.

– Added a mailbox to the Distillery. Honestly if they’d just move the House Maid to the town, you wouldn’t need a mailbox at the effing distillery

– An unofficial fix, but, one of everyone’s favourite exploits died today in a tragic patching accident. Apparently we can no longer leave an instance to avoid experience and tp debt. Dying just became a giant pain in the ass. I know it’s a bug, but, the ways in which Runes of Magic gouges you for cash are many, I don’t need this one too.

– Not a part of the patch, but before I started writing this, the servers started crashing, and maintenance was suddenly announced! fun!

That’s essentially it. Plenty of bug fixes I didn’t mention, but that’s everything of note. Some good things, some bad. The real story here is the exploit fix. Much drama and whining was had when everyone started dying and gaining debt. I can’t say I wasn’t a little annoyed with the fix, but in actuality I was much more upset, that they go through all the trouble of giving people holiday buff items, and then refuse to let you use them in an instance.

Runes of Magic is inconsistent.


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