Warring Guilds

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warRunes of Magic allows you to war other guilds once they get to level 5. Now we’re on a PvE server so there’s tons of helpful gatherers who don’t mind donating their resources to guilds. At the same time these types don’t like to PvP. So you often have guilds who have donated enough resources to get to level 5, but don’t want to PvP at all. So why would they level up their guilds to level 5? Guild Castle construction is at level 7.

This allows for a lot of fun to be had, even if you’re not into pvp.

Now I’ve done my share of pvp, but I’m not really interested any more. My experience has been, you run into the most immature, purposefully rude, not incredibly intelligent people while you are trying to pvp.

However, even I am not immune to the lure of slaughtering lowbies for no apparent reason. My guildies seem to hold the same opinion.

Last night at a very late hour, after having done Heart of the Ocean for several hours, they were resting up and trying to figure out something else to do. As happens all too often, one of the annoying guilds on our server happened to advertise for new recruits in world chat. The constant spamming of guild recruitment is annoying enough, but this guild happens to consistently use a variety of bright colours in their chat messages. They’ve been abused in world chat for it several times, yet nothing deterred them from stopping.

They spammed, we declared war, they didn’t know why. I’m not sure any of them knew what happened. You’re given a warning that a guild war is starting in 5 minutes, so everyone has a fair chance of hiding in their house, but none of them seemed prepared. They probably would have been fine, if you’re at war with someone, that doesn’t mean you have any idea where they are in the game.

We knew where they were in the game.

Just after their spam to recruit, a guildie infiltrated their guild on an alt. Using the guild list he told us the zones they were in. A couple people in the guild castle were first to go, they had mistakenly left their guild castle open to anyone. It would have been nice to get the guild leader, but he hid in an instance as soon as the war started. The others were tracked down and killed, each one with no problem. In fact I think the average level of the people killed was 38. We were all 55.

In the end, it came down to a game of “Who gets to kill the lowbie first”. It sounded fun, but I didn’t participate much. There was no real point. Killing low levels would have been fairly easy, especially when some were afk. Worst of all, after the war ended, the guild leader in question finally figured out why we warred him, and put up another colourful recruitment ad.


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