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SylvariWith the release of the Races Trailer, came at least one interview, at I’ll be looking for more interviews soon, but I think this is one of the last of the year. Frankly this interview is more of a rehash of several previous interviews, but as usual there are a few tidbits.

It starts off by going over the big differences between Guild Wars 1 and Guild Wars 2. These are great improvements, and frankly exactly what I am looking forward to most. Not news or anything, but notable.

The biggest differences include a fully persistent world, fully 3D engine, a less complex combat system with fewer overall skills, multiple playable races, and separate world servers.

Then it goes on to mention the armour system. I’ve been wondering about this for a while. I knew they wouldn’t be able to sustain as many armour designs as they had for GW1. They had a unique set for each profession from every armour crafter, and there were a lot of armour crafters. Armour crafters were npc’s you brought crafting materials to, and they were in virtually every major city. Counting the number of Necromancer sets for instance gives me 33 complete sets. In GW2 they’re moving to some form of Light, Medium, and Heavy armour system. I assume this will take on the form of cloth, leather, and chain as is the classic model.

Next they talk about the personal history options for your character. I’ve talked before about how Sylvari will choose from Seasons, Humans from Ancestery, Charr from Legion, Asura from College, and Norn from Totem. Here they indicate a further choice, gentry or commoner for Human. They only mention Legion for Charr again, but something tells me if it’s Roman themed, they’ll go with Rank perhaps, or commissioned and non-commissioned officers. Sylvari have the time of day, Dawn, Day, Twilight (preteens will go crazy) or Night. Asurans choose from schools of learning, Synergetics, Dynamics, and Statics. Again a second choice isn’t mentioned, but I imagine it’s a specific university, or perhaps novice, master. The Norn choose from Totem and then the path of an animal. Snow Leopard, Wolf, Raven, or Bear. These animals are the Norn deities, but they can also turn into the form of each animal.

There are only a few notable things from this point on. They are using instances to personalize the story, apparently Captain Thackeray will be apart of the storyline and he will change based on your choices. Every time I hear something about underwater environments they make it seem like there will be more to it than I previously thought. Finally they get into lore, discussing animosity between races like the Sylvari and Asura.

That’s it really, you’d think there would be more, but really the above information is just slightly more on a few things we already knew. The only real news here is the armour system. They don’t release enough detail to comment further, but it’s already sounding like an improvement. The restrictiveness of the armour in GW1 meant, that if you were an elementalist primary, and wanted to wear necromancer armour, your only choice was to start a new character. At least Arenanet seems to be learning from their mistakes.


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