The Diamond Routine

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Runes of Magic diamondsTo get by in Runes of Magic, there are a lot of things you have to do on a daily basis. So here is my routine.

First I log into my mule character. I get the mail, to see if I’ve sold anything and what didn’t sell, and to check what I’ve sent myself for storage, usually tier 3 runes. I proceed to the Auction House and decide whether to put things back in that didn’t sell, or sell them to the merchant. After that I purchase my dailies, and spend anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes turning them in, depending on how much of a pain they are. Then I’ll deliver those tier 3 runes to my bank, check to see if I have enough runes to sell at the AH, and either go back to the AH or log out.

Next I’ll log into my Alt, Rinse and Repeat. Except I don’t send this alt runes, I send it materials. I do my dailies on all 3 characters because phirius tokens are very important. They’re the best way to get cheap Arcane Transmuter Charges. ATC are important for tiering weapons and modding gear. At which point I visit the Bank to see if I have enough materials to make anything, and if I don’t I log into my main.

When I log into my main, I rinse and repeat. Instead of checking for materials or runes, I’ll check for profits I may have sent myself from my alts. Often I’ll have the maximum number of auctions going and send the excess auctions to my alts. Also not only will I do my dailies, at some point I’ll do the daily Binpike quest, and the daily guild quest since both don’t apply to the normal limit of 10 dailies a day. Often after these are done, I’ll try to do a festival event, if available. Often they offer food buffs or other benefits. When all of that is done, I essentially have three options, farm for cash, farm dungeons for mods, or farm tier 4 stones.

Gold and Phirius Tokens are so important in this game I have to dedicate at least half my time to it. I need gold to buy mods or gear I need. I need the phirius tokens to upgrade that gear. I need gold to buy diamonds on the Auction House. I need gold to buy materials for crafting. I need gold to buy runes, foods, recipes, elite skill items, dailies and other things.

Mostly its for diamonds. Unless you think I should spend a giant fortune of my own money on in game items? A previous guildie said they had spent more money on this game than any subscription game they had ever played. Currently I’m playing with someone I know who has spent thousands. It’s really easy to spend too much, and the best way to keep yourself in check is to have other options, like having millions of gold in the bank.

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