Kotaku on the 5 Races of Tyria

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ZaitanSo Kotaku put up an article in the glut of information since the 5 races trailer was released. While I wasn’t around of course. In it, they talk about the backgrounds of the characters involved in the trailer. They are introduced as the following.

The characters in the video are the members of the famous adventuring group, Destiny’s Edge, renowned for their bravery and skill.

That’s cool and everything, but why don’t you just call them a guild? Famous adventuring group? Makes them sound like trapeze artists. The game is called Guild Wars 2 right? You might consider developing that angle ever so slightly.

The article goes on to describe them, and their homelands. I’m a little disappointed I may have been wrong about Denravi. Although there were several concept art pieces titled Denravi, there is no mention of it as a capital. In fact it says their city is The Grove, which grew up around the Pale Tree. This was much further south, deep in the Asuran territory of Eye of the North.

Then it mentions the voice actors. I was going to comment on the voice actors if and when i dissect the video, but, I have to say good voice actors. Well done so far, certainly no “Beware the harvest ceremony!” shlockfest. Check out the roster.

· Logan Thackeray the human defender is voiced by Troy Baker (Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece).
· Rytlock Brimstone the charr warrior is voiced by Steve Blum (Spectacular Spider-Man).
· Eir Stegalkin the norn is voiced by Jocelyn Blue (Invader Zim, Space Jam).
· Zojja the asura is voiced by Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, The Guild, Buffy the Vampire Slayer).
· Caithe the sylvari is voiced by Kari Wuhlgren (Wolverine and the X-Men, Aliens in the Attic).

I have a bit of an ear, so I tend to recognize voices I’ve heard before, especially when it comes to animated series. Which is sort of how I recognize Kari Wahlgren as a previous Guild Wars voice actor, and how I know she played Emma Frost on Wolverine, however as I check IMDB, I didn’t realize she played Gwen in Eye of the North. So, not that good an ear.

I’m sure the inclusion of Felicia Day will cause much hyper-ventilating in the lungs of 14 year old boys. I am a fan though, just not of The Guild. Dr. Horrible is awesome.

I have zero familiarity with Jocelyn Blue.

Steve Blum I’m a little overly familiar with. I remember him from researching Guild Wars voice actors in the past, and from the fact the guy is in every video game, anime series, and cartoon on this continent. He plays Wolverine in everything. I’m also a huge fan of Cowboy Bebop so recognizing his voice is easy.

Troy Baker I’m not familiar with as I tend to shy away from English dubbed anime.

Other tidbits of things I can gleam from this article are things like Captain Thackery belonging to a seraph guard. An honor guard of some kind? For the Queen perhaps? Rytlock is a Tribune, of the Blood Legion, which suggests that Arenanet is fleshing out the Roman theme with the Charr. Eir apparently carries blade and bow? So a Ranger could possibly have a pet, a bow, a rifle, pistols, and blades? If that weren’t enough Caithe seems to dual wield blades. Some of these things are seen in the Races Trailer.

All things told, it answers some questions and raises a few too. What are Geomystic generators? Why do they refer to Sylvari as “nature spirits”? Keenly going over the two trailers is looking more and more likely in the future of this blog.


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