Guild Mourning

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ripRise so high, fall so far.

Aeon you lousy no good mother fucker. In the past you’ve caused problems, but now that you’ve taken virtually every founding member of my guild, including the top 2 players and my guild leader, I hate you :(. We were one of the top guilds on the American servers, but after a long litany of complaints with Frogster, they’ve bolted for greener pastures.

So I’m stuck with a guild falling apart, talks of mergers, disappointed friends and guilty feeling people who want to move on (aka traitors) to Aeon. Another problem? The only other guild that’s any good on the server are a bunch of douche bags.

I don’t really want to start over with another guild in Runes. I liked where I was at, occasionally running through Heart of the Ocean, getting to do the hardest stuff in the game, that 75% of the server can’t even do. I’ve killed all the bosses in Hoto, the #2 guild only recently took Medusa, the final boss, down for the first time.

So the details. Mainly I think the top players were pretty unhappy with one major thing. After 2 months of running Hoto, none had major improvements to their gear. The drop rate for clean good mods, off some of the hardest bosses in the game, are rare. Maybe that would be fine if Hoto were the end game instance. It isn’t. There’s Origin, Hall of Survivors, and Cave of the Water Dragon. If after two months you have made no real progress in a game, would you continue playing?

X, my guild leader, also made a long list of issues that need to be fixed on the official forums. He was banned. He was not surprised. Voice dissent or an opinion that is critical on the official forums, and you will be banned. Part of me thinks X quit partially because of his bruised ego after getting banned, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Finally I think the second reason they moved on was probably the cost. This game costs money to play at the top. One of the people leaving said she would save money by playing a subscription game like Aeon. That says something. People already paying that much do not want to hear about a Black Pegasus mount which costs 60 bucks. Goes without saying, but I can get one whole other game for that amount of money you morons.

None of them even mentioned the long list of things that I personally feel are wrong with the game. They had all grown accustomed, and didn’t seem to mind the constant bugs, hiccups, poor translations, and on and on.

So I don’t really know if I’ll continue playing much. I’m still hanging out in vent, while they play Aeon and we play Runes. I have to wonder how long that will last. Hearing them talk, two of them are already level 15. That was quick.

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